EP 01 Is #Edtech broken?

By Claudiu Popa

In this exclusive 10-part series, cybersafety educator and author Claudiu Popa, founder of the KnowledgeFlow Foundation invites an exceptional group of special guests to take part in grounded discussions on the promise and myth of edtech, from the original intentions to catalyze learning through technology to the privacy-invasive practices that may impact generations of students across Canada and the United States. Packed full of cybersecurity examples, amusing anecdotes, relevant advice and intellectual ammunition, the unmissable CybersecurED series is aimed at educators, parents and administrators who truly care about maximizing the potential and safety of educational technology in the modern classroom. Truly a show for everyone!

Deceptive practices in public education often arise from embarrassment and ignorance rather than malice. Should students have their own passwords? Special Guest and veteran educator Stephen Hurley shares perspectives on digital account passwords in the classroom.

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