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Because Education Matters

You are a dynamic young educator who is passionate about creating powerful opportunities for ALL learners in your classroom.

You are a seasoned veteran who is committed to supporting others in their learning.

You are dedicated parent who is longing to become a more vibrant part of your child’s education.

You are an engaged community leader who understands the impact that quality education can have on the world outside schools.

No matter who you are, you have a story to tell and a contribution to make to our growing community.

Together we are voicEd Radio…

And your voice is RIGHT here.

A Place to Listen

Listen in as we bring you the best education-related content from across the country and around the world. Experience live broadcasts, pre-recorded podcasts and other exciting content 24/7 on voicEd Radio. It’s your voice. It’s my voice. It’s our voice! Together, we are voicEd.ca

 A Place to Create

Become an active content creator on voicEd Radio. Host your own live radio show, broadcast live events from your school or community or record and share your own podcast. It’s like having your own virtual maker space where you can explore, create and contribute to our thinking about education in Canada.

 A Place To Share Ideas

Looking for a place to contribute your ideas, insights and opinions about Canadian education? Whether you’re already a seasoned blogger or are new to this form of communication, voicEd.ca welcomes you. All you need is a login and a password and you’ll be ready to become part of our community!

This Week on voicEd Radio

Want to catch up on some of what you missed on voicEd Radio? In addition to our growing list programming available in our ON DEMAND section, you can now access highlights from this week’s programming right here! Take a listen. We think you’ll like what you hear.

The Pen Is Still A Pretty Powerful Thing

voicEd started over 5 years ago as a community of bloggers dedicated to vibrant and provocative conversations in education. In moving to our new Radio format, we haven’t abandoned our roots. We still invite anyone who wishes to contribute to our blog space—whether it is original content or ideas that you’ve explored elsewhere—to do so.

Take a look at the latest from our voicEd community writers

Your Voice Is Right Here

At voicEd Radio, we’re always on the lookout for ways that you can participate in the conversation. In addition to being able to host your own radio show or create your own podcast, we also offer regular opportunities to respond quickly and quite easily. Explore our active FlipGrid conversations and invitations and add your two cents (or more!)


Our mission is to change the way you talk about education—in Canada and around the world—by opening up a multi-media space for vibrant, provocative conversation about the issues, challenges and opportunities that are coming to define us in the 21st century.


Stephen Hurley,
Founder and Chief Catalyst
Sarah Lalonde,
Community Manager





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