Teachers on Fire with Tim Cavey

Julia Fliss: ELA Teacher, Networker, and SDG Ambassador

JULIA FLISS is a 6th grade ELA teacher, activist, world changer, Sustainable Development Goals Ambassador, lifelong learner, creative, and yogi. She’s an encourager, amplifier, networker, lifelong learner, and she’s passionate about leveraging education to make the planet a better place for learners of all ages.

Teaching, Learning and Leading K-12 with Steve Miletto

Liam D. Auliciems and Scott Harding: PRACE-E, Teachers, and Teaching

This is part 2 of Steve’s interview with Liam D. Auliciems and Scott Harding. They are working in Australia. We talk about their organization PRAC-E, teachers, and teaching in Australia, England, and the US. Lots to learn. Thanks for listening. Don’t forget that this is part 2 of a two part series. Episode 281 is part one. So take a moment and listen to part 1 first. You won’t be disappointed.

The Dock: Fire and Ice

The Dock: Fire & Ice

Fire and Ice. We tend to think of them as being polar opposites. But are they? Tonight, Sara Candela and Stephen Hurley explore the music and poetry of Fire and Ice.

The Drive with Chey and Pav

The Drive: February 21

Chey and Pav take to the airwaves for their second ever live drive show on voicEd Radio. Give them your keys and they will DRIVE you crazy!

Gettin’ Air with Terry Greene

Valerie Irvine and Colin Madland

Valerie Irvine (@_valeriei) and Colin Madland (@colinmadland): The Open/Technology in Education, Society, and Scholarship Association (@otessa_org) is being simultaneously formed as an association while organizing its inaugural conference as part of this year’s Congress in London, ON. Valerie and Colin let us in on just how they are making this happen.

The Planning Period Podcast

Dr. Monica Burns

This week on the show Brad is joined by Dr. Monica Burns. Monica is an EdTech and curriculum consultant, author of multiple books, including Tasks Before Apps, #FormativeTech, and Deeper Learning with QR Codes and Augmented Reality. She is also the host of the Easy EdTech Podcast, which is a fellow member of the new OnPodcastMedia Network.

Tonight on OnEdMentors

TEDx Kitchener

Guest host, Stephen Hurley gathers a panel of TEDx participants for a conversation about the exciting event coming up on Saturday, February 22 at Laurier University. Tonights guests include event organizer Andrew Biersonski, Will Gourley, Lori Campbell and Noa Daniel

Standing Up for Public Education

Harvey Bischof: More Than Contracts

Harvey Bischof is the president of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation, representing over 70 000 teachers and education workers across the province. In this conversation we talk about contract negotiations in a social media world, a narrative for mandatory e-learning and stories that inspire us to stand up for public education.

Tonight on Mediacy

It’s Payback Time

King Cosmos is a Calypso artist. His song Payback Time—a course in Black History and music—demands reparation for the centuries of slavery that built the American economy.

Gettin’ Air Live

Quilt On!

Terry Greene is live on voicEd Radio Monday morning at 8 AM. He welcomes guests Anne-Marie Scott and Frances Bell for an update on their extreme quilting project!

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