voicEd Radio Gratitude Exchange: Ramona Meharg

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Well, I somehow missed all of the excitement last year. Yup, the one guy who should have been the very first to sign up for the opportunity to publicly declare my gratitude to, at the very least, one of the creators who makes this voicEd Radio space, missed the deadline and was relegated to sitting on the bench for the entire voicEd Radio Gratitude week. Now don’t get me wrong, I was so proud of the way that this community came together in advance of the holidays, but I really didn’t have a chance to get in the game the way that others did.

The voicEd Radio Gratitude Exchange is kind of a public/private partnership. You have to be a member of the voicEd Radio community to get the invitation to participate in a week of showing gratitude for the one “thankee” to whom you’re assigned. But many of those signs of gratitude become very public through various social media channels.

So, for the next 5 days, I’m thrilled to be offering my voicEd Radio gratitude to none other than Ramona Meharg! Now, you gotta know that I would have been thrilled to be assigned to any one of our voicEd Radio community members. But when I saw Ramona’s name come up on my Elfster email, I was over the moon!

Ramona Meharg is someone who totally embraced, if not embodied, the spirit behind voicEd Radio. She began participating as a guest on someone else’s show but it wasn’t long before she had a weekly podcast of her own, was dropping in on other conversations and spreading the voicEd Radio love. She is someone on whom you can rely to offer a positive word of encouragement, jump in on conversations when needed and provide the type of ambassadorial support that helps to make this space hum—even when its not humming that well!

So, today, on this first voicEd Radio Day of Gratitude, I would like to have you listen to Ramona’s very first appearance on voicEd Radio. it dates back to April 2017 when Rodd Lucier launched the very first episode of The voicEd Slam. The concept was to run a tournament-style cage match that pitted two edtech tools against one another. Listener votes would determine which tool (!) moved onto the next round.

In this very first episode, I got the chance to hear Ramona’s voice for the very first time. And guess who her opponent happened to be? Yup! You guessed it. I was pretty confident that the beloved Super 8 movie technology would beat the Pixton software that Ramona was so passionately defended.

Well, here’s how the actual conversation went. Ramona, I’m so grateful for everything that you have come to mean in this place. I will always remember our first conversation as clearly as I remember our most recent one. It is an honour to have you as my voicEd Radio Gratitude Exchange Thankee! Looking forward to a week of fun!



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