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Blue Sky School

Being the keen prospective teacher I am, last night, my teacher-candidate friend Jessica Gladu (@MsGladu) and I participated in an Action Team meeting at Barley Mow for Blue Sky School. The meeting, being held in the basement of the restaurant, was filled with positive energy from the moment we...
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voicEd Radio Bumpers: A cool little media project for your students!

Here's an idea that, in the words of my voicEd Radio colleague Chris Cluff, I would like to throw down! voicEd Radio needs some new Radio Bumpers. These are little sound bytes (music/mix) that can be placed in between songs, shows or sections of our radio day. They are transition pieces that...
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Edyoga – open source

I keep a stack of post-its on my night table. What teacher doesn't... right? Often, I will get ideas in the middle of the night that rattle me out of sleep. The ideas sometimes are so random in nature that when I look at the scratches with my full attention the next day, there still is no way to...
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The Curriculum

This last month of blogging (almost) daily has been a time of great reflection for me, but it's also been a time of great discomfort - of seeing gaps in my teaching and sometimes feeling at a loss to close those gaps. Something that I have enjoyed immensely over the last few weeks has been the...
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Spring Cleaning Challenge!

Well, it’s springtime in Canada and we’re here with a little bit of a literary challenge to identify an important book in the formation of your ideas around education.

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A few weeks ago, I had the chance to talk briefly with Shauna Pollock (@misspollock), author of Creating Classroom Magic. I got the book in the mail just before March Break and I've been loving it so far. I have always had an affinity for all things Disney, though I didn't appreciate his knack for...
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Hard Work and Technique

My husband and I really enjoy watching "The Mind of a Chef". The season we are currently watching features Gabrielle Hamilton, the chef and owner of Prune, a restaurant in NYC. Something that I love about watching chef/foodie shows is seeing each chef's dedication to food and mastery of their...
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#TryPod Month

“If it makes you nervous, you’re doing it right” - Donald Glover Do you ever just stumble upon a quote that fits perfectly into your life at that very moment? Lately, I have been trying new things, exploring new avenues and testing my limits.. Whether it has been trying new tools, having new...
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For the past month and a bit, I have been running a TV/Video Production Club at school. A small group of students have been meeting together to storyboard, film, edit, and create cohesive films. Today, four of those students participated in our district's Skills competition. And let me say, it was...
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To rubric or not to rubric?

During the #ONEdMentors radio show tonight, @jkervs (who happens to have been my grade 8 teacher!) mentioned how using rubrics can sometimes impede on creativity. It's ironic, though, because - for some reason - many think of rubrics as this golden assessment tool that can do no wrong. How timely...
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