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Don’t Sell Students Short: On Teaching Challenging Content

I was motivated to write this piece by a series of conversations I had viewed on Twitter. The initial conversation had been sparked by a poll run by the TES Twitter account, on the subject of emojis and their place in the English classroom. The question the poll raised is an interesting and...
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How Social Media has aided my Professional Teacher Development

For all teachers, professional development is an integral and increasingly mandatory part of the job. Attending seminars, conferences and professional development sessions are among the ways which this has traditionally occurred. The use of social media such as Twitter and Facebook, as well as...
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… a summary of our professional learning from this school year.

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What Teachers TRULY do During The Summer – As Told by Students & Teachers

It is the age-old joke that teachers only work for 9-10 months out of the year… Teachers, you hear this every year. The joke rolls around in June and you gracefully laugh it off. (Yes we know, that it may look or seem as though we get two months off to sit around the pool with a cool drink and a...
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My heart is so full; my experience as an EA

Today, my heart is so full. I knew this day had to come, it is so bittersweet. For some, it is a regular Wednesday in June, but for me, it was my last day working as an Educational Assistant at St-Anne Catholic School in Cornwall, ON. In late April, the opportunity to take on a weekly morning...
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EDyoga – next gen [collision 3]

I have not engaged with big picture EDU in a responsive and responsible manner. And to get global in my pedagogy, I will ned a mentor. I became aware of the U.N.'s Global Goals back in September. I thought connecting a newly formed TED-Ed Club with these elements would be awesome.  Somewhere...
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EDyoga – next gen [collision 2]

My learning spaces need [re]consideration. In a previous life I would have sat through a two hour PD session, then probably bemoaned my aching back afterward. I also probably would have, in some way, evaluated the quality of the PD by how my head and body felt afterward. Then I would have been...
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EDyoga – next gen [collision 1]

I am still in a silo.  AND the digital reach that I have pursued has not yet broken me out of it. I am reminded of this daily, I guess in a good way, with every PD session I attend outside of my school board and with every podcast and with every virtual high five I see on Twitter. My exploration...
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EDyoga – next gen [an admission]

I feel like a whole lot of random is shaking out of this 'end of year' moment. Things that I thought I would keep doing  I am suddenly less than happy to continue and other odd pieces are rising back up into my view. [check out my flipgrid questions] All in all, it seems like, in addition to my...
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Share Your Valedictorian Speeches

As another school year comes to an end across North America, many school gyms, auditoriums and theatres will be ringing with the sights and sounds of graduation ceremonies. It's a time of transition for many of our students as they move from elementary schools, high schools and post-secondary...
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