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The Personal Playlist Podcast with Noa Daniel

Noa Daniel asks her guests to tell her about three songs in their life: one that has some nostalgic value, one that reveals something about their own identity, and one that acts as a personal motivator. The conversation is rich and…well…songful.

And here are Noa’s written reflections about her Personal Playlist Podcast experience.

Negative Capability and Other Insights- Shane Lawrence’s P3

Shane Lawrence has been on the podcast podium for a few years now, and his offering has evolved to become The Ed Podcast, which you can catch on VoicEd Radio and through iTunes.  The BYODcast was Shane’s first podcast, coincidentally inheriting the gear in time to put...

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Dream, Believe, Achieve- Carol Salva’s P3 and More

Carol Salva is an ESL teacher, a consultant, and the co-author of Boosting Achievement, a text for teachers who serve English Language Learners. Carol’s Personal Playlist Podcast reflects her proven practice of boosting achievement for herself, other teachers, and her “kiddos”.

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Barbara Ann and Other Songs That Tell Her Story.

When I first learned through my mentor that my Building Outside the Blocks projects were avenues to personalized learning, I looked up the concept. I quickly discovered Personalize Learning and purchased Make Learning Personal by Barbara Bray and Kathleen McClaskey....

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A Joyful Heart and Giving Soul- Mark Weston’s Share his P3

I first came to know Mark Weston as I trepidatiously took on Twitter. I had joined only a few months before and was a reluctant tweeter, when this gracious person came from no where and began encouraging me. I was unsure, so I hung back only to realize that this was...

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Reggae and Rock- The Genres of Derek Rhodenizer’s P3

Derek Rhodenizer and I first met as new ONedchat members who are part of a collaborative team planning and moderating this wonderful biweekly chat for Ontario teachers and the world. We discuss matters of interest and navigate the educational landscape through...

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