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I’m thrilled to be able to ring in 2017 with a very special announcement. In a few weeks, will relaunch using a new format and concept.

For nearly 15 years, my love of radio as a medium for powerful communication, coupled with my love of my chosen profession, has resulted in a personal push to convince mainstream radio stations that a regular show dedicated to education would be both interesting and viable.

With the exception of one or two glimmers of hope, radio management hasn’t shared my vision!

So, instead of expending any more energy on that idea, I’ve decided to go and buy my own radio station.

(Well, not quite).

What I have done is leased a stream on AirTime Pro and am in the process of launching voicEd Radio.

Here’s the vision:

24/7 content related to the world of Canadian Education, created by students, educators, parents, reasearchers, education-related organizations—anyone who holds a share in this place we call school and this idea we call education!

So, get ready to hear more about how you can become an active participant in voicEd Radio. In the next few days, I will tell you about all of the possibilities that are available if you choose to join me on this adventure. But here are some ideas that may just get you thinking:

  • add your own pre-recorded podcast content to the station schedule
  • broadcast live from your classroom
  • have your students develop their own content for broadcast
  • share live events with the voicEd Radio community
  • listen anytime to engaging content created by others who share a passion for education
  • host live conversations
  • create a regular radio show featuring…well…you!

Want to know more? Just sign up using the submission field below and I will make sure that you get all of our updates delivered right to your inbox.

More details tomorrow, so be sure to drop back. And, if your eyes lit up just a little imagining how you could host your own show on voicEd Radio, don’t leave without signing up!


Stephen Hurley
Catalyst and Creator