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The Math Pod with Cathy Fosnot

Dr. Cathy Fosnot joins Stephen Hurley for a second season of math conversations. In this series, Cathy will mentor educators in deepening their understanding of the landscape for multiplication and division and help teachers to consider how to plan math instruction that supports mental math and problem solving. Educators are invited to choose one of the three selected units of study to guide their learning. These units help to build capacity in an understanding of how models, strategies and big ideas are embedded in the kits.

  • Groceries, Stamps, and Measuring Sticks – Grade 2/3 – transition from addition to multiplication
  • The Big Dinner – Grade 4 – emergence of use of a ratio table
  • Muffles Truffles’ – Grade 4 – emergence of use of an open array

Each podcast session will be supported with dialogue on Twitter followed by reflective blogging. Join us for the chat by using the hashtag: #themathpod.