The Dock: Car Songs

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I have two very strong memories of the summer road trips of my youth. First, my dad’s cigar. As my mom was trying to negotiate seating arrangements in the Buick, my dad was preparing to light up his first cigar of the journey.

But there’s another memory that continues to resonate on a completely different level—the soundtrack for the journey.

Traveling with seven people in the car meant that one of us kids was always assigned the seat of honour alongside my mom and dad. But the honour had nothing to do with sitting in between our parents. Instead, it had to do with the proximity o the car radio. Whoever sat in the front, had the unofficial role of acting as DJ, dutifully turning the dial along the way to find the best tunes.

This, of course, was before cassette players or even 8 tracks. In fact, for us, it even preceded FM radio. We had a simple AM car radio and a choice of two or three music stations.

It won’t come as a surprise that this was my favourite role and, even though there were very few choices to make, I felt a sense of power and influence as a shifted the dial from CFRB to CHUM AM over the course of our 5 or 6 hour car ride.

These days, the choices for in-car entertainment are much more robust and many families are sitting down to design their “road trip” playlists for the summer journeys.

So, tonight on The Dock, we’re going to revisit a popular theme.  Let’s create a summer journey playlist together. What are the songs that you would want to hear as you take to the road? They may be sing-a-long favourites, classic road songs or things that just inspire you. Let’s co-create a soundtrack (or two) that would best represent the summer of 2019?



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