Tanya Talaga, Truth, Reconciliation and The Call to Action

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One of the great honours has been afforded me over the past two years has been the ability to go out to live education-related events and carry a live stream lecture, workshop or panel discussion back to our listeners. When that lecture is being given by someone as esteemed as Tanya Talaga, and the topic is something as important to our Canadian identity as the challenge of reconciliation with our Indigenous sisters and brothers, that sense of honour is both deepened and broadened.

On Tuesday, March 19, 2019, voicEd Radio was given permission to carry the WorldViews Conference 2019 Lecture given by Tanya Talaga and followed up with a panel discussion moderated by Jesse Wente and featuring the insights of Hayden King, Susan Hill and David Newhouse. Although the evening held at Ryerson University’s Faculty of Communication and Design (FCAD) was open to the public a good of the conversation was keyed to members of the academic higher-ed community.

That said, I happen to think that the sense of an urgency for action expressed by both Tanya Talaga’s words and the panel members should resonate with all of us, whatever our position or role in Canadian society. As Jesse Wente points out when speaking about action in terms of Truth and Reconciliation,  “The reason we get stuck in Truth is because it’s actually the easy part…it’s the reconciling part that’s hard.”

Throughout what you will hear in this two hour segment is a continuous and pressing question, “What are you doing? What are you going to do?” As Tanya Talaga points out, we have the knowledge—we have the truth. What are we going to do? The work of Truth and Reconciliation is really just beginning. In Tanya’s final words:

“And so I urge you now at this point—now that we all know what TO do, it’s up to you to pick up the tools and proceed.”

And I urge you to take time listen to the presentation. And then I would urge you to think about how you might begin to respond—how we might begin to respond together.



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