This evening’s #ONedMentors was brought to you by the film City Slickers and, in particular, one brief minute from the film featuring Jack Palance and Billy Crystal. It’s the scene where Jack gives Billy, in a rather poignant way, gives Billy “the finger”:

This evening, we used this clip to inspire a conversation about our one thing as teachers. If you were to strip away all of the strategies, all of the technologies, all of the paraphernalia that accompanies the teaching life, what would be left.

So, for Sarah Lalonde, our voicEd Community Manager and a second year teacher candidate at U of Ottawa, the one thing was respect. Florida educator, Brad Shreffler identified change as his one thing while I declared connection as the thing that has defined my teaching life over the past number of years.

What would that one thing that defined your vision, your energy and your life as a teacher. A difficult question for some, if not most of us. But the attempt to answer it might provoke some good personal thinking and, possibly, some good staffroom discussion.

What might happen if you were take that statement of your one thing and post it in a place where you could see it every single day for the next year? How might it help you to stay on track and in line with what you believe about your work?

Here’s the conversation from tonight, but we’re hoping that this not be the final answer but, instead, the beginning of a lively and dynamic conversation about the one thing in your teaching life.

Feel free to add a comment here or, if you would prefer, write a blog entry of your own. Let us know where we can find it and we’ll link to it!