It’s Sunday afternoon and Derek Rhodenizer, host of A Word in Progress, is likely getting ready for this evening’s show. It’s one of my favourite times of the week—a chance to dig a little deeper and thinking a little more critically into the language that we use in education. And, no matter where on the education landscape you hang out, you know that its a bit of truism to say that there is plenty of language that needs to be interrogated!

This evening, Derek gets ready to unpack the word technology. At first blush, it’s a strange addition to the mix. Previous explorations of words like relationship, collaboration, connection and grit have provided plenty of real estate to map. But technology? Don’t we know what we’re talking about when we talk about technology? Is there anything contentious about the word, itself.

To be sure, the effective application of technology in the classroom has received plenty of airtime. Even here on voicEd Radio, you’ll encounter entire podcasts dedicated to the topic. But that’s not really the point of Derek’s show. It’s not a show about practical applications. He’s trying to untangle the words themselves.

Well, as the chief etymologist for Word in Progress, I would like to suggest that there is plenty of reason to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty when we’re talking about the word technology.

But I’m not going to tip my hand.

instead, I’ll invite you to do a bit of pondering throughout the day and then join Derek Rhodenizer, and his special guest, Andrew Campbell on this week’s episode of A Word in Progress—9 PM EDT, Sunday—only on voicEd Radio.

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