Sarah Lalonde's Writing

Sarah Lalonde's Writing

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Blue Sky School

Being the keen prospective teacher I am, last night, my teacher-candidate friend Jessica Gladu (@MsGladu) and I participated in an Action Team meeting at Barley Mow for Blue Sky School. The meeting, being held in the basement of the restaurant, was filled with...

#TryPod Month

“If it makes you nervous, you’re doing it right” - Donald Glover Do you ever just stumble upon a quote that fits perfectly into your life at that very moment? Lately, I have been trying new things, exploring new avenues and testing my limits.. Whether it has been...

Écrasez l’insécurité linguistique

Avez-vous déjà éprouvé un sentiment d'incompétence lors d’une conversation avec quelqu'un? Comme si la personne avec qui vous échangiez jugeait la façon dont vous parliez ou vos choix de mots? Comme si elle évaluait la qualité de votre parler comme étant inférieur à...

Why Teach?

This blog comes at the perfect time because on Monday I dove into my first practicum of Teacher’s College. I am in a grade 5 classroom at École des Pins in Ottawa, Ontario! That being said, some of you maybe thinking how I could possibly offer an experienced point of view if I am only a teacher candidate?