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This blog comes at the perfect time because on Monday I dove into my first practicum of Teacher’s College. I am in a grade 5 classroom at École des Pins in Ottawa, Ontario! That being said, some of you maybe thinking how I could possibly offer an experienced point of view if I am only a teacher candidate? Well, that is partially true, because I’m currently an Education student à la Faculté d’éducation at the University of Ottawa. However, just because I am not officially a member of the OCT, I am still extremely involved in the education community and look forward to sharing my student voice through blogs and my new bilingual podcast from a teacher candidate’s point of view!

Now that we’ve got acquainted, it’s time to get to the good stuff! I want to talk about the question I have been receiving (and have been asking myself) in the past few months as I progress through my B.Éd. Time and time again, I have had this infamous conversation: Why are you becoming a teacher? Isn’t the program TWO years now? So, all together it actually takes SIX years, to become a teacher… Here is my answer.

I have been working towards my goal of becoming a teacher because for the longest time, I was the little girl who had a big dream and now, I am as close as I’ve ever been to reaching it.

I want to become a teacher for the relationships. It is important to me to be able to connect with my future students not only in the classroom setting, but on a personal level as well. I want to mentor my students and foster their growth. And, as Rolland Chiddiack once said, I want to support my students as learners and people.

I am going into teaching because I look forward to working with other educators who are passionate about the same things I am. When it comes to conversations about education my eyes twinkle and my brain is stimulated!

Overall, teaching is for me because I have a thirst for learning and education, a passion for making a difference in student’s lives. So, the answer is yes, I want to become a teacher and I am loving every minute of it.

Do you remember the reason why you went into teaching? Is that reason the same now that you stay into teaching? I would love to hear why you became a teacher… In the comments, state 1 reason why you chose this rewarding profession!