These past two months, I have had the absolute honour of being the Community Manager of and VoicEd Radio. This unexpected internship, working with the one and only @Stephen_Hurley, has transformed my summer into a summer of learning, growing and connecting.

Reflecting on this experience has allowed me to realize the leaps and bounds I’ve taken in this short period of time. I have exponentially grown my PLN. I have cultivated my curiosity. I have raised my awareness on tons of hot new EDU topics. I have had the opportunity to influence, connect and share with other educators, whom I may not have otherwise connected with out of this context. And, I have began to think differently… Working for and with VoicEd has obliged me to think differently and out of the box. I have also begun to think more creatively and critically. I’ve gained confidence in my ideas and thoughts and I am no longer apprehensive to share them.

Furthermore, VoicEd has favoured my growth, not only as a Teacher Candidate, but also as a person, as a colleague and as a future mentor for my peers and my students. As a Teacher Candidate, I strongly believe that it is imperative to have a mentor/ role model in this critical time of learning. Every member of my Power PLN, (too many to name them all, but here’s a few) Stephen, Rola, Jen, Derek, Noa, Carol, Chris, Brad, have welcomed my questions with open arms and have brought me to new heights in my learning. I’ve refined relationships and have also created new ones. These educators have allowed me to create a growth mindset, where risks are encouraged, fails & mistakes are learning opportunities and collaboration is key.

Folks, this space is inspiring. It all started as an idea from catalyst: Stephen Hurley, with the helping hands of other educators like Derek Rhodenizer and Rolland Chidiac. I got involved on a limb early on in February, thanks to plugs from Derek’s podcast: Beyond the Staffroom. Since then, being an avid blogger, podcaster and your Community Manager I sometimes ask myself, where I would be if it wasn’t for VoicEd? It is a welcoming space that offers unlimited educational topics, open and thoughtful conversations, 21st century philosophies, mindful and supportive educators and shared resources. This community empowers you to share your thoughts and receive insightful feedback from passionate educators like yourself! In all of this, I was able to see how educators work together in harmony for the greater good of their students.

Did you know? VoicEd & VoicEdRadio connects educators, not only from Canada, but from around the world. Meaning, Canadian educators get educational perspectives from outside of Canada. This has opened my eyes to what is happening outside of my hometown, my province, my country and even my continent! It is incredible to see the similarities and differences in Education going on all around the world.

In the end, with VoicEd, you become a part of something bigger. It is a family of amazing human beings that support you and lift you up. The end of August doesn’t mean goodbye, gosh no! Instead, it is a turning a new leaf.