As school starts for most tomorrow, I felt inspired to share my back to school story – from what a first day of school felt like for me as a student in elementary and high school. Especially, since I haven’t “officially” lived a Back-To-School as a teacher yet, I am dedicating this to my last September as a student. 

It’s 6:30AM. Your alarm goes off.

“Ugh, I forgot what getting up early felt like…”

You get out of bed and put on your outfit you laid out the night before. You brush your teeth and skip breakfast because you already have a pit in your stomach. You’re excited and a little nervous.

On the first day of school, the air outside feels different. This bus pulls up to your place and you step on to see the new friends on your bus route this year. You patiently wait to see the trajectory your bus will take.

Maybe you are the first on, maybe you are the last, but you finally arrive to school sporting your brand new 1st day of school outfit. The school feels fresh and new; the floors are waxed and the hallways are cleaned. Everyone is tanned and you have already started to recount your exciting summer to your friends and teachers you haven’t seen in 2 months.

You set up you fresh, new and still clean locker all while high-fiving and hugging your friends as they pass by.

Teachers have changed; new ones have arrived and old ones have left.

This is it… back to school. Only 195 more days left, but who’s counting?


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