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Being the keen prospective teacher I am, last night, my teacher-candidate friend Jessica Gladu (@MsGladu) and I participated in an Action Team meeting at Barley Mow for Blue Sky School. The meeting, being held in the basement of the restaurant, was filled with positive energy from the moment we walked in the room and only grew stronger throughout the night.

Two Ottawa educators, Shauna Pollock (@misspollock) and Karen Hill (@hill_k) have launched an incredible “not for profit independent school nurturing the next generation of changemakers and partnering with today’s innovative leaders”(@blueskyschoolca) that will be opening as of September 2017! Sounds pretty cool already, right?

Blue Sky School is also known as the “Experimental Prototype School of Tomorrow” lovingly inspired by Walt Disney’s concept of EPCOT which stands for (Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow). Shauna, an avid Disney fan, is all about the creativity, imagination and innovation of the great Walt Disney to connect educators and students. She truly creates magic in the classroom! She even wrote a book about it : . Trust me, it’s MAGICAL!

Blue Sky School is unlike anything you have seen or heard of. It challenges the problems of the current school system and find solutions to them. This school is different because it’s curriculum on demand; focused on skills and competencies. This curriculum is based on student needs and is shaped by current events. They value experimentation, celebration, kindness, balance, connections, passion and are lead by student voice. Oh, have I mentioned that there are no teachers at Blue Sky School? There will be strictly pedagogical coaches and Shauna will be the first! There will even be a dog named Ivy, the canine pupil to aid in emotional support.

But, you may be asking yourself… what is so different about this school? Why should I get involved and what do I have to offer? You may not be a teacher and you’re wondering how you could be valued in this type of school?

They need people like YOU to mentor students in fields such as Engineering, World Studies, Film, Second Language Learners, Music, Robotics… the list goes on and on! They need people like YOU to work 1:1 with students and provide workshops based on student’s interests. People like YOU can help with developing and supporting mental health awareness. Let’s not forget re-writing curriculums and policies all while trying to market this out of this world project ! No matter what background you come from you can contribute. The options are limitless, just like their school motto: THE SKY IS NEVER THE LIMIT!

There are so many things to love about this project! From it’s passionate founders, to it’s bright future and meaningful mission, the Blue Sky School will empower students by giving them 21st century skills and nurture the next generation of changemakers.

There are many ways to connect with the educators and founders of this project, if you are willing to get on the bus and join the Blue Sky School or would simply like more information. Connect with them on Twitter: @blueskyschoolca or @misspollock, via e-mail : or check out their website: