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Join us as we unpack some of the most complicated issues in Canadian news and current affairs. Host Stephen Hurley and guests discuss why research matters and what solutions are required for change.


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Canada’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout had a bumpy start, but it now leads the world with the largest share of any country’s population having received first doses.

Globally, the picture is much different. Vaccine inequality is rampant. What are the…

Now that school’s out, It’s the perfect time to join us in a conversation reflecting back on education during the pandemic. How was education handled by policy makers during the pandemic? What kind of plans are in place to support educators and…

Today on Unpacked with the CCPA: Canada’s Colour-Coded Retirement.

Sheila Block is Senior Economist for the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternative’s Ontario office.

Grace-Edward Galabuzi, associate professor at the Department of Politics and Public…

CCPA experts David Macdonald and Katherine Scott unpack the lessons learned about inequality during the pandemic. Can we build back in a way that leaves no one behind?

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