Twisted System
Learniing About the World—Project by Project
Rebecca Chambers is a social science teacher at John McCrae Secondary School in Ottawa, Ontario. In this podcast, students from her project-based learning classes talk about the work that they are doing throughout the year.


Wednesdays | 1 PM ET

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In today’s short episode the students talk about Developmental Milestones and provide examples of their learning from their time spent outside of the classroom.

In today’s episode of the Twisted System Podcast the students and Rebecca welcome back the students from last week and a few new additions, Connor and Isiah. They discuss their passion projects, who they are working with, what inspired them to start…

Welcome back to portable 10 at John McCrae SS in Ottawa, where Rebecca Chambers is welcoming a new batch of students into a new dual credit course – The Experiential Study of Child Development and Gerontology. Meet Adam, Connor, Adrianna, Jack,…

Ashley, Mitch, and Josh talk about the life lessons we have learned from members of the community who have spoken to our class.

In this episode, Renée, Megan, Saxon, Liam, Emily discuss the impact of social media on mental health and relationships among young people. What limits can and should be placed on the use of technology and social media?

On this episode, Renée and Megan hosted Liam, Saxon and Mitch as they talked about the different projects they’re working on, diverse learning styles, and how they wish to reimagine the education system.

Hosted by Megan Gibbs, Julia Michelis and Renée Rosteius discuss the work they’ve been doing with Protect Our Winters as well as the importance of climate action.

Host, Will Johnston welcomes Ms. Abbey Jurgeneit (Ms. Chamber’s teacher candidate) and Gia Damianakos. Gia’s talks about her very special project called ‘Purple For A Purpose’.

In this episode of the Twisted System Podcast, Renee Rosteius hosted Megan Gibbs and Faith Greco, who discussed their class passion project about the stigma around women’s periods. They also talk about their involvement with the Days For Girls…

Will and Emily host the podcast today and bring us up-to-date on the projects that they are working on. Emily is working every week in an Ottawa-based elementary school to work alongside students with autism. Will is also helping out in a grade 2/3…

Students from Ms. Rebecca Chambers’ Grade 12 Human Growth and Development class kick off season 3 of the podcast with a roundtable on their project work for the year.