The Ward Stories
from Mary Ward Secondary School
Drama students at Mary Ward CSS tell the truth about stress, gender, music, and more.


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Moving into a new home uncovers a frightening history that can’t be escaped.
Written by Alexa Rios. Performed by Alexa Rios, Joshua Nisce, and Kailah-Campbell McDowell. 
The music for this episode is “Through the Eyes of the Dead”, by Haunted Corpse,…

Two former friends see each other at a high school reunion that quickly turns into a night of terror.
Written by Vanessa Ayala. Performed by Kayceane Dimalanta, Priyanka Krishnakumar, and Solomon Cheeda. Sound design by Lukas Reid.
The music heard in…

A request to stay over at a friend’s house is complicated by an evil twin and a cursed mirror.
Written by Breanna Browley. Performed by Stephanie Floreza, Giann Paulo Dela Cruz, and Cyane Reyes-Tyler. Sound design by Jesse Martin.
This episode’s music…

Our Gr. 9 Drama class creates a choral narrative out of interviews with three Black Canadian veterans. 
To learn more about these veterans, and other Black Canadians who served, visit The Memory Project.
More information about this episode can be…

Narek uses his dramatic skills to take you on an audio journey through one day in the life of a teenage boy.
Fore more information, check out our website:
Written, Edited, and Recorded by: Narek Khodabahkshian…

Pedro interviews Nicole about how the pressure of exams causes her to stress out, and what she does to deal with it.
Written and Performed by: Nicole Karzon and Pedro Betti
Editing and Sound Design by: Jayden Reis
Produced by: Mary Ward Drama…

Antwan interviews three different students about life under quarantine, and gets three very different answers.
Recording, Editing, and Sound Production By: Antwan Barbar
Special Guests: Anna Palconit, Simone Noronah, and Shannora Lankanathar

Gwayne interviews Gyen about how they’re dealing with the stress of distance learning. Spoiler: it involves sleeping all day and binge-watching anime.
Performed and Edited by: Gwayne Pasia and Gyen Marciano
Sound Editing by: Andrew Bueno
Produced by:…

Joana explores the connections between music and mental health, and explains her obsession with 80’s legend David Byrne. 
Written, Edited, and Performed By: Joana Bauman-Enriquez 
Produced by: Mary Ward Drama (@mary_ward_drama) 
Episode Cover Art by:…