The Truth About COVID-19
Simply put. The facts we need
A 4-part series exploring the facts, misunderstanding and myths surrounding the Coronavirus and COVID-19. Dr. Katy Laird, Head of the Infectious Disease Research Group De Montfort University in Leicester is joined by Dr. Sarah Younie, Professor of Education Innovationin the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, also at De Montfort University, Leicester UK. Together they explore the science of COVID-19 as well as ways that we can be talking to our children about the disease. The Truth About COVID-19 is made possible through a partnership between voicEd Radio and MESH Guides. Find out more about MESH Guides at


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What is involved in finding a vaccine that will be effective against COVID-19 in the future. What do we need to know about the process, how long it will take and the effect that it will have on our our bodies relationship to the virus.

Information about the control of COVID-19 is an important topic during this time of pandemic. What are the facts and the misunderstandings about how the virus is passed on and the personal, family and community level approaches to controlling the…

Many of the news reports we are hearing during this COVID-19 pandemic feature talk of epidemiology and the work of epidemiologists. In this episode, Dr. Katie Laird and Dr. Sarah Younie discuss how a virus like COVID-19 spreads into communities and…

In this episode, Dr. Katie Laird and Dr. Sarah Younie discuss the important differences between viruses and bacteria, how scientists approach both and how we can engage our children in conversations that allow them to understand the difference.