The Truly Modern School
A Dreaming/Building/Sharing/Exploring Podcast
This podcast dreams about, builds, shares and explores the wants and needs of education as it continually changes to meet the wants and needs of students and their ever-changing world.


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Trey M is a @TVDSB student graduating in June 2020.  He once saw himself on an academic path, but has fallen in love with fashion and plans to attend @RyersonU.  Trey shares his journey, ideas, and energy on the podcast.  He also shares his fashions…

Our newest @TVDSBGlobal podcast features Dorothy Palmer @ACOLondonOnt. Ms. Palmer shares thoughts on learning via heritage properties, the value of neighbourhoods like @WortleyVillage, and her experiences as a student, teacher, parent, and grandparent.

In this @TVDSBGlobal episode, @BookerMaster shares his thoughts on the value of life experience, the transferable nature of English @TVDSB, and all the great things happening at @Oakridge_SS.

Really excited to share my @TVDSBGlobal podcast chat with @ClassicRockRV @ClassicRock981. Listen in as Ryan shares his memories of school, his thoughts on education today, and his hopes for his two boys as they begin their school journey.

In the premier episode of season three, we share our conversation with Tanya Dyke.  She introduces the idea of “Google Awareness”.  As well, Tanya explores the value of guest teachers, exploratory learning, and all the great things happening in Elgin…

As season two comes to a close, Bill and Tim reflect on the @TVDSBGlobal stories they’ve shared, and all of the innovative learning happening @TVDSB.

This week, we add Student Voice to our look @MedwayHS @TVDSB Guitar Building Class.  Aiden and Noah share the value of learning to learn, a positive perception of setbacks, and the transferable value of technology education.

This week on the podcast, Philip Nalywaiko @TVDSB shares the @TVDSBGlobal Competencies that are at the core of his successful guitar-building class. Listen for a sample of all of the great things happenning @MedwayHS.

This week, our newest @TVDSBGlobal Facilitator, Jon Periard @TVDSB, shares his journey to teaching, how he supports Global Competencies in widely different school settings, and all the great things happening @GlencoeDHS.

As @TVDSBGlobal concludes our conversation with @DirectorElliott discusses diversity as a strength, some of her highlights from her time @TVDSB, as well as her plans for the future.

This week, we’re proud and excited to share part one of our conversation with @DirectorElliott @TVDSB.  Listen as she shares her unique journey to Thames Valley, honouring everyone in our learning community, and some of the @TVInnovates programs that…

This week’s conversation explores the nature of the “gap year”, highlighted by the unique experience offered by @LattitudeCanada!  This is a unique opportunity for students in the year after secondary school. Lots of @TVDSBGlobal life-changing…

In this episode, @MrsSStepehson shares the engaged, genuine learning that has grown from the “Mission To Mars” grade nine science course @HuronPark.  Lots of passion, rich learning, and creativity @HRMission2Mars @TVDSBGlobal.

In this episode, Terry Brown explores the concept of “science as a verb”, the development of scientific thinking, and some of the great collaborative learning happening @TVDSB.

Dr. Patrick Whippey, @WesternUScience, shares the history and tradition behind fifty years of Science Olympics @CityofLdnON.  Lots of @TVDSBGlobal Competencies and transferrable skills in this one!

In our first episode, Bill and Tim set the stage for stories of truly modern school and the people who make it.