The New Professor
with Dr. Ryan Straight
The New Professor is a bi-weekly podcast hosted by Dr. Ryan Straight, an Assistant Professor of Educational Technology at the University of Arizona. With his guests he explores what it means to be an educator and a learner in the current changing landscape of higher education, along with various related (and sometimes not-so-related) topics.


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In celebration of hitting episode 50, Ryan talks milestones and their importance to your feelings of success and progress.

In episode 49, Ryan re-records his very first episode, ‘Secure and Private is a Process, Not a Destination’ to see just what’s changed over the past three years. Spoiler: a lot!

In episode 48, Ryan discusses your digital identity and some ways to be the person to own it. Also, happy 2020!

In episode 47, Ryan looks at accomplishments and implores you not to hold yourself up to the standards of others. Also, happy almost-2020!

In episode 46, Ryan takes a deep dive into sleep, how it impacts our thinking and our work, how important it is for students, and how to get not just more but better sleep.

In episode 45, Ryan gets in the spirit of the spooky season and tackles the experience of fear, touches on impostor phenomenon, and briefly speaks with special guest Angela Gunder.

In episode 44, Ryan muses on what would happen if our major forms of communication–the social media networks–suddenly shut down, and how you can reign in what social media has taken from you.

In episode 43, Ryan talks about his newest piece of cool tech: a pair of augmented reality glasses.

In episode 42, Ryan addresses something that can make your palms sweaty, your heart race, and fill your stomach with butterflies: public speaking.

In episode 41, Ryan welcomes everyone back to a new academic year and talks a bit about something near and dear to his heart: novelty. Let’s look at that love/hate relationship with new tech, among other things.

In episode 40, Ryan takes a break from summer vacation to talk about… summer vacation, the psychology of vacations, and instructional time throughout the year.

In episode 39, it’s all about self-reflection and some tools, exercises, and tips to do it honestly.

In episode 38, Ryan speaks to four wonderful people — Kate Sonka, Tina Rettler-Pagel, Keegan Long-Wheeler, and Veronica Armour — about their work and experience that led them to the OLC Innovate 2019 conference in Denver. Four for the price of one!…

In episode 37, Ryan fights the urge to complain and instead focuses on a few of the things he loves about online education. Also, there’s toast.

In episode 36, Ryan briefly discusses why sometimes producing nothing is better than producing something. Also irony.

In episode 35, Ryan walks you through the evolution of his audio setup, demonstrates what effects each piece of equipment has, and tests the range of microphones he’s used.

In episode 34, Ryan talks about striking a balance in your life, spinning plates, and the circus.

In episode 33, Ryan catches up with Ben Scragg, a college buddy who also just happens to work just up the road at ASU as the Lead Design Strategist in the Teachers College. They talk about everything from the color of Band-Aids to the upcoming OLC…

In episode 32, Ryan has the tremendous pleasure of speaking with Nicci Ainuu, the Administrative Services Manager at UA’s THINKTANK, a hub for academic support for students across the University of Arizona. They talk about the services it provides,…

In episode 31 and the beginning of season four, Ryan welcomes everyone back for a brand new year and semester with some tips and tricks on how to make it the best one yet, gives some advice on how to get over those new-class nerves, and tells you a…

In episode 30, Ryan shares an interview he did over the summer but this time the tables are turned! Ryan talks with Janet Smith at the Office of Digital Learning about the podcast, how it got started, and how he uses podcasting in his classes.

In episode 29, Ryan sits down with Caitlin Kerrigan, Coordinator of Faculty Programs at the University of Arizona. They talk about everything from the Fellows program to teaching in Ecuador to student support services to serving S’mores while dressed…

In episode 28 of The New Professor, Ryan talks to Melissa Silva, the Student Services Coordinator for UA Douglas about the initiatives she works with, the uniqueness of living on and across a border, being multicultural, and my thrift store t-shirt.

In episode 27 of The New Professor, Ryan talks to Nikolas Glazier Hodge, Director of the UA Transfer Student Center, about NPR, self-image, being part of a community, Parks and Rec, apples, and chickens.

In episode 26 of The New Professor, Ryan talks to Dr. Jessica Kapp about Tibet, the Grand Canyon, and starting her own podcast (coming soon!).

In episode 25 of The New Professor, Ryan tries something new: having guests! Enjoy this extra-long episode in which Ryan speaks to Angela Gunder and Luis Carrion from the Office of Digital Learning at the University of Arizona. We introduce everyone…

In this flashback to episode 11 of **The New Professor**, Ryan helps you prepare for the looming start of the fall semester and has some big news for you.

In episode 23 of **The New Professor**, Ryan welcomes you to season 3, talks about what things may come, and shares some news about his summer.

In episode 22 of **The New Professor**, congratulates today’s graduates and tries to convince you attending Commencement is worth it in this season two finale.

In episode 21 of **The New Professor**, Ryan talks about daily rituals, morning routines, and Hemingway. Also, news and a newsletter.

In episode 20 of **The New Professor**, Ryan talks about burnout, how to prevent it, how to recover from it, and butchers the names of people on Twitter.

In episode 19 of **The New Professor**, Ryan talks about off-loading your knowledge, wikis, and General Ignorance.

In episode 18 of **The New Professor**, Ryan talks about British panel shows, terrible first drafts, and writing, writing, writing. (And, yeah, he mixes up the words in the penultimate line. Such is life.)

In episode 17 of **The New Professor**, Ryan looks at motivation during finals week, gamification, and leveling up your level 19 human.

In episode 16 of **The New Professor**, Ryan talks about his love for libraries of all sizes, what services your library can provide, and… ThunderCats.

In episode 15 of **The New Professor**, Ryan explores Student Governments in general and the Associated Students of the University of Arizona South in particular. What can your Student Government do for you? Have a listen and find out.

In episode 14 of **The New Professor**, Ryan welcomes you to season two, shares two tips for new students, and explains what’s coming next.

In episode 13 of **The New Professor**, Ryan owns up to not following his own time management advice and does penance by highlighting one of his favorite project management systems: LiquidPlanner.

In episode 12 of **The New Professor**, Ryan recounts the history of how he came to use Slack his in classes, bring it to his campus as a whole, and shares some best practices for new users.

In episode 11 of **The New Professor**, Ryan helps you prepare for the looming start of the fall semester and has some big news for you.

In episode 10 of **The New Professor**, Ryan explores the different types of difficult colleagues you’re likely to run across and some specific tips on how to deal with them.

In episode 9 of **The New Professor**, Ryan provides a basic primer for academic conferences, the minefield of faculty travel funding, and how to avoid going altogether.

In episode 8 of **The New Professor**, Ryan sips coffee and looks at what caffeine, alcohol, and noise do to creativity and efficiency.

In episode 7 of **The New Professor**, Ryan discusses the past, present, and future of one of his greatest love/hate relationships: the eBook. Also, musty candles and The Witcher.

In episode 6 of **The New Professor**, Ryan recalls the history and making of his favorite hobby, photography, and how it is changing the fundamental experience of our lives.

In episode 5 of **The New Professor**, Ryan tries to beat the heatwave and talks about just what summer means for those of us in higher education.

In episode 4 of **The New Professor**, Ryan addresses the pros and cons of working from home and how to make the most of it.

In episode 3 of **The New Professor**, Ryan talks about the pros and cons of being publicly identifiable, being anonymous, the gray area in between, and how this can benefit an online class.

In episode 2 of **The New Professor**, Ryan goes after digital distractions like Facebook and Wikipedia, and then gives you some suggestions and tools to help fight them.

In episode 1 of **The New Professor**, Ryan takes on best practices for privacy and security for all TNPs out there. Also, how to deal with University policies that might impact your user experience.

In this pre-release episode, Ryan introduces himself, the podcast, and the goal, impetus, and hopes for what TNP can become. Welcome to the experiment!