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The Guild is about community. Over the centuries tradespeople have had to gather together to share ideas, pass on knowledge, learn new techniques, and advance their chosen craft. Tim Carson peels back the curtain on trades education, essential skills for the trades, and the mindsets needed to succeed in the trades life.


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Episode 60 – BREENA JACKSON – JOINERY What we chatted about… Was once in University studying art history then decided I don’t just want to learn about it I want to build it! Dad is a sheet-metal worker (Tin-Basher) There’s… Continue Reading →

Episode 59 – Warren Thompson – Top Tier Mechanical Graduate of the ACE-it program at Langley Senior Secondary School (LSS) Owner of Top Tier Mechanical Website – Other Graduates from the ACE-it Program Brody McIntosh –…

Well, it’s been a couple of months since our last chat, but here we are. In this episode I open up a little bit about how I’m dealing with my fear and anxiety. Although I would be classified as fairly… Continue Reading →

It was an absolute treat to sit down and chat with Brody Mcintosh about his experiences in apprenticeship and his transition from employee to entrepreneur. One statement that has stuck with me from this episode was something that Brody shared……

Trades Consortium Mythical Show-Notes Tim Carson – Chad Flinn – Mark Overgaard – Steve Gilles Topics Discussed 10:05   Emerging Classrooms – OER (Open Educational Resources) 43:50   The Role of Technology in the Classroom 54:50   Flipped Classrooms…

EPISODE 54 – DOING THE IMPOSSIBLE (separating failures) “Separate Failure of Learning from Failure Itself” This episode about failure is a follow up to the previous episode where we talked our way through the Professional Development Keynote Speaker….

Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think – A. Einstein Hello everyone and welcome to our 53rd episode, meta-cognition. It’s been a few weeks since our last time together, thanks for hanging… Continue Reading →

    This episode is sponsored by…Flinnwest Solutions – check them out here         Want to see the show notes? Sign up to the Guild and get the notes and a bunch of other stuff too. No… Continue Reading →

Well, it’s that time of year again when a lot of people pack up their backpacks and put on those shiny new sneakers for that trip back to school. This week we’ve invited Mark Overgaard to join us as we… Continue Reading →

Well, here we are at episode 50! I can’t say that when I started this podcast a year ago I would have figured that this would be my first major milestone. But I’m loving the process, the people, and the… Continue Reading →