The Emerging Futures of Education
Horizon scanning for Education Leaders
Education is entering a period of exponential change where there is a great need for learners, teachers and leaders to learn, unlearn and relearn faster than ever before. The Emerging Futures of Education podcast hosted by LearnTech Lab will explore what the emerging futures of education might be with a range of leading futurists, thought leaders and innovators. It will have a high-tech and a high-touch focus exploring the possible impact of exponential technologies on education and learning and also the growing importance of defining and developing what is needed to enable humans to thrive in a largely automated future with a focus on the K12 sector.


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In Episode 1 Nick talks with Dr Peter C. Bishop about:

– The current state of education
– Where are the ‘cracks where the light gets in’
– What should we be teaching students?
– What’s important for education for students and teachers to bring about…

In this introductory episode LearnTech Lab Founders Nick Burnett and Angela O’Sullivan introduce themselves and The Emerging Futures of Education Podcast which is launching in 2020 including:

– Length and frequency of the podcasts
– A sneak preview…