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Well, time is on the side of Chey and Pav this week as they explore the concept of “time” in our culture. Great music and talk on The Drive!

Against the backdrop of Hurricane Laura, as well as the contentious and somewhat precarious contexts in which many educators find themselves approaching the beginning of another school year, Chey and Pav turn the faces directly to the wind and offer…

The power of live performances. Chey and Pav share stories of their best live performances at school while they listen to classic live performances from the listeners favourite artists.

This morning, Chey and Pav explore great partnerships in the musical world. This and some great guests are waiting for you on The Drive!

It’s music from your past this morning on The Drive. Also, an interview with author and academic, Jesse Thistle. His book, FROM THE ASHES, is a memoir that traces his journey from high school dropout to a rising Indigenous scholar, and everything he…

This Friday Chey and Pav talk with Kevin and Anala Leichtman authors of @AcademicMindset to discuss helping you and your students get the #MentalEdge

This week’s musical theme: songs related to books! Music, banter and great guests!

It’s blockbuster movie music today on The Drive with Chey and Pav. (Oh, and it’s Pav’s birthday as well)

Chey and Pav explore the summer fitness practices that they are exploring this summer, along with a powerful soundtrack to accompany the efforts of listeners!

Pretty hot music today with talk from two pretty cool educators!

Chey and Pav talk about end of the year celebrations, moving on and embracing change while enjoying music requests that pull in educators heart strings.

Chey and Pav discuss being intentional and focused in the steps we take in our classroom and in our summer planning.

It’s part two of music and chatter influenced by the protests in the United States and the discussing our roles in being part of anti-racist education.

Music and chatter influenced by the protests in the United States and the discussing our roles in being part of anti-racist education.

Chey and Pav continue their special musical tribute to their listeners. It’s all dedications this week on The Drive!

Part one of a two-part tribute to The Drive listeners. All dedications from Chey and Pav.

Chey and Pav talk about persevering in today’s remote universe by seeking supports and being a supporter!

Set goals, anticipate hardships and support one another!

Chey and Pav go to the edge this morning with some unique West Coast musical selections. Conversation about teachers feeling like they are “on the fringe” in this new world order.

On the road trip of education Chey and Pav talk about what’s working in this new remote world and ponder the possible counter revolution

On today’s show, Chey and Pav tackle the ins and outs, ups and downs of dealing with “mixed feelings” during this time of uncertainty and confusion. From a teacher, parent and child’s perspective and realizing it’s ok to and expected to be dealing…

Music, educational talk with cheerful & #happy banter to get your Friday morning started! Today’s musical theme: Sunrise!

Do you remember mix tapes? Sure you do. Join Chey and Pav on The Drive and let them refresh your memory. Could mix tapes be making a comeback. Who knows?

Today on The Drive with Chey and Pav, it’s the music of inspiration! What is that one song that brings you what you need to keep living with…well…inspiration.

Music and conversation about the power of Home. Also reflections on the current challenges and opportunities in Ontario education, in light of recent announcements about school closures due to COVID-19

On this morning’s show, Chey and Pav follow up on last week’s “reading” episode by digging deep into the world of poetry. Poetry selections and music about poetry. This and more on The Drive!

This morning on The Drive, Chey and Pav talk about their personal and professional reading lives: the books that they are (and aren’t) reading, and whether audio books count as reading. (We think they do!) Lots of talk and music in this lively 30…

It’s the soft launch of a brand new voicEd Radio show—a weekly morning show. Join educators Chey Cheyney and Pav Wander for a half hour (or more) of talk, music and even a few phone calls.