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Every Saturday night deserves a soundtrack
Music is a powerful force in our lives. It inspires, teaches, and connects with the depth of being human. Join host, Stephen Hurley, Saturday nights at 9 PM ET for a musical exploration of a theme. Make a request or two, join the conversation on Twitter or call the show using our listener line.


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The transition from August to September is seen by many as the most poignant of the year. Tonight on The Dock, Sara Candela and Stephen Hurley explore the music, poetry and prose of September. A sense of new year for some but, for others, a sign that…

This week on The Dock, Sara Candela and Stephen Hurley explore the herbs and spices that add zest and flavour to our food and to our lives. From salt, to pepper; from sweet to savoury, there is something here for every listener’s palette!

Tonight on The Dock, Sarah and Stephen put up their feet and play the songs that refresh. Songs about cool, refreshing drinks, places and foods!

This week on The Dock, Sara and Stephen explore the music of the animal kingdom—songs from the farm, from the skies, from the forest and from the wild. Oh, and we end with a couple of animals that were just made up!

Tonight on The Dock, Sarah and Stephen explore those songs that set out to tell a story—a story about a specific event, person or place. What are those songs in your life that draw you in because of the story that they tell?

Part of the magic of a good old-fashioned summer road trip is the playlist that you create to accompany the journey. This week on The Dock, a voicEd Radio Summer Road Trip.

The summer season brings a sense of freedom. We may be staying closer to home, but the music of the season can bring us back to the summers of our youth—and that might be just as fun!

Whether you celebrate Father’s Day Eve or not, Sara and Stephen had a great time reflecting on fathers, fatherhood and some great conversation about our own dads and the fathers that Hollywood has held up for us. Music, poetry and more!

In this time of disruption, Sara and Stephen turn to music to make sense, regain a sense of hope and reflect on the power of Courage and the promise of Change.

The history of popular music is marked by some pretty great solo acts but there is something powerful about hearing two voices together. Whether a one-off collaboration or a long-standing partnership, the music of TWO carries poignancy and, quite…

Sara and Stephen realize that their own musical stories are steeped in the music of the 30’s and 40’s and, in particular, the music of the Big Band Era. So tonight, they pay tribute to Dorsey, Miller, Clooney, Shaw, Sinatra and more!

Inspired by the life of Little Richard, Sara and Stephen take to the airwaves to dig deep into the roots of Rock ‘n Roll.

On the eve of Mother’s Day 2020, Sara Candela pays tribute to the women of song that have influenced her. Great music from across the ages, and lots of callers from across the miles!

In the wake of the tragic murders in Nova Scotia, we turn to the people, the land and the music for comfort. Tonight on The Dock, a musical tribute to the people of Nova Scotia. Sara and I are “from away”, but we gather our memories, our condolences…

Troubadours were originally French lyric poets of the middle ages. And although they came to be particularly associated with courtly love, their legacy extended into the centuries as simply poets who wrote verse to music. Today, we celebrate musical…

Sara and Stephen are joined by Kevin Chorusey to honour the front line workers who are keeping our communities safe, secure and somewhat operational during these contentious and confusing times.

In this time of social distancing, self-isolation and disconnect, Sarah and Stephen gather on The Dock to play music that connects us with family, friends and ourselves!

Tonight, Stephen and Sara take time to breathe. Sara suggested this theme and Stephen was quick to agree. Let’s kick back to some of the tunes and vibes from the 60’s Generation of Love!

What the world needs now is love, sweet love!

Chey Cheyney. and Pav Wander, hosts of The Drive on voicEd Radio AND The Staffroom Podcast relieve Stephen Hurley and Sara Candela of their Saturday night duties and hosted this evening’s episode of The Dock. Tonight’s theme: Music By George.


Sara Candela and Stephen Hurley grab some air time to become the first to wish you a Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Tonight on The Dock, we’re riffin’ on the leap year theme and exploring music about getting from one place to another: leaping, flipping, flopping, sliding, running, hopping and MORE!

Fire and Ice. We tend to think of them as being polar opposites. But are they? Tonight, Sara Candela and Stephen Hurley explore the music and poetry of Fire and Ice.

It’s the day after Valentine’s Day in this season of love. Tonight on The Dock, we celebrate “Pal”-entine’s Day with musical shout-outs to the friends and colleagues who support us with love and care on a daily basis. They may not be the…

A special pre-Valentines Day episode of The Dock featuring Sara Candela, Kevin Chorusey, Doug & Margo McKnight.

We all go through life carrying secrets—big and small. Some of them weigh us down. Some may even lift us up. Tonight on The Dock, we’re exploring the music of Secrets. Tell us yours. Well, tell us your favourite secret song; the rest is up to you!

A double-themed episode of The Dock. Co-host Sara Candela joins us to reflect on the power of Home. We tip a glass in honour of Robbie Burns and welcome the return of New York educator, Kevin Chorusey. It’ no wonder we went into overtime!

It’s our first trip to The Dock in 2020 and so, in order to prepare for the year ahead, we’re exploring the transition from the old to the new. Special guest appearance by The Staff Room podcasters, Pav Wander and Chey Cheyney.

Isabelle Fontaine is an educator, an expert in Performance Psychology and Emotional Intelligence and a gifted public speaker. In this conversation, we explore the idea of personal energy—how to cultivate it and leverage it in our lives and in the…

Stephen Hurley is joined by sons Luke and Liam as well as a number of voicEd Radio community members who made time to share their Holiday memories and songs: Ramona Meharg, Beth Lyons, Andrew Marotta, Lisa Lucas and Lisa Corbett!

Sara Candela, Kevin Chorusey and Stephen Hurley gather on The Dock to discuss the power and value of storytelling during the holidays. Memorable stories, poetry, prose and some great holiday music.

For those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere, the month of December is marked by the final climb to the longest night of the year. It’s true that technology has allowed us to banish the impact of these long, dark nights of early winter but,…

Eric Alper was connected with John Mann in a very unique and personal way. As his publicist, Eric is able to provide insights on John’s motivation, spirit and sense of vision and integrity. Eric called into The Dock during our broadcast that explored…

In this special edition of The Dock, Paul McGuire, Heather Swail and Beth Prokaska join Stephen Hurley for 2 hours of music and talk related to their July 2020 Christie Lake Climb for Kids. This year, they are heading the roof of Africa and taking on…

In recognition of Pride Month across Canada and around the world, tonight’s episode of The Dock is dedicated to songs of colour.

We lost a beautiful voice from the voicEd Radio airwaves this past week. Leanne Hanson was an active participant in both our broadcasting and podcasting community, as the cohost of The Edunauts, as well as a frequent contributor to the work of many…