Our new education reality
During the COVID-19 Pandemic, three educators decided to come up with this space to offer support, advice and discussion about the new educational reality we are in. Our goal is to have great guests to provide insight into how we can best support our students, their families and ourselves!Thanks for stopping by! We are excited to go on this new adventure!


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Dr. Carrington comes on to chat about how to support one another as we move forward!

Leyton Schnellert, Professor of Rural Education at UBC Okanagan comes in and discusses how to make learning meaningful during this time and prompting for success during online meetings!

In episode 3, George Couros joins us to talk about a variety of topics with a focus on relationships!

Adrienne Gear Episode 2
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Adrienne Gear stops by and we discuss ways to support literacy for students/children as well as some great chat! Adrienne also introduces her new book, “Powerful Writing Structures.” Enjoy! Thomas, Katie and Sam!

A quick trailer from our Adrienne Gear episode that drops tomorrow! Some wise words for everyone from a very wise educator!