Terry Greene and Jonathan Lashley are at #OLCInnovate
Live! from #OLCInnovate 2020 in Chicago You don’t have to be in Chicago to join this year’s conversations: Terry Greene (@greeneterry) and Jonathan Lashley (@lashleyed) are bringing the show to you with OLC Live! During the conference, you’ll be able to join us on VoiceEd Radio and Zoom as we get to know the conference organizers, interview this year’s keynotes, connect with presenters after their sessions, and generally build new bridges between fresh and familiar faces (voices?) in the OLC community.


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OLC Live with Terry Greene and Jonathan Lashley. Terry and Johnathan kick off the #OLCLive experience with an initial episode full of getting to know each other and what they hope to accomplish with #OLCLive in the weeks ahead leading up to and during…


Welcome to the OLC Live page! In this brief conversation, your OLC Live hosts, Terry Greene and Jonathan Lashley give listeners a preview of what to expect from their coverage of this year’s #OLCInnovate conference in Chicago.