Little Book Club of Restorative Justice in Education
Fostering Responsibility, Healing and Hope
Richard Churchill hosts a powerful series of conversations on integrating Restorative Justice Practices in our school settings this year. Richard will be joined by Dorothy Vaandering and a team of educators from the Newfoundland Labrador School District to begin exploring how a restorative justice approach can begin to take root and grow in our schools and classrooms.


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The LBRJE team completes their book study by fielding questions from listeners. Join Dorothy Vaandering, Jessica Webb and Mark Barry for the final night of this powerful

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In Episode 4 of The Little Book Club of Restorative Justice in Education Richard Churchill discusses the learning behind repairing harm and transforming conflict with authors Dorothy Vaandering and Katherine Evans. The book club study concludes with a…

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In Episode 3 of The Little Book Club of Restorative Justice in Education, Richard Churchill welcomes special guest Michael Walsh, a former elementary school counsellor, to the show. The conversation with Michael and Dorothy illustrates how creating…

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In episode 2 of The Little Book Club of Restorative Justice in Education we begin our exploration of Section 2: Examining the Components of Restorative Justice in Education. The conversation begins with Chapters 4&5: Creating Just and Equitable…

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In this first episode, host RIchard Churchill is joined by Dorothy Vaandering, author of The Little Book of Restorative Justice in Education, to introduce the series, some of the key principles of RJE and move through chapters 1-3 of the Book….

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Stephen Hurley
Chief Catalyst, voicEd Radio Canada

Stephen Hurley has spent nearly 40 years as an educator. He has experience as a classroom teacher, a curriculum consultant, a teacher educator and a policy observer.

He has a strong relationship with the EdCan Network (formerly the Canadian Education Association), an organization that inspired the launch and evolution of voicEd Radio Canada.

Hurley believes that stronger connections between education research, practice and policy are essential to the type of change that will be necessary in Canada's public education systems moving forward.