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Greg and Jenny are elementary instructional coaches in Iowa. Join them as they discuss topics of importance in education around teacher leadership, student achievement, best practices, climate and culture, and school leadership.


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Join Jenny and Greg for the annual Halloween episode were they read a spooky story.  This year’s story was written by our very own Greg!  Dim the lights and pull up the covers as you prepare to be scared.


Messing up is part of human nature.  No one isn’t going to mess up from time to time.  However, when we do we have two choices.  Excuses or owning our actions.  Join Greg as he dives into this topic through a road side conversation with a polite…


In this episode Greg invites on special guest Kelly Simon as they talk through three questions that must be answered as you set off on any goal journey.  Join them as they dive from values to rallying cries to action.  Listen to find out more!


In this episode Greg discusses how when working toward a goal it is important to realize that when it comes to putting in the work only one person can achieve this.  Yes, they can get support but at the end of the day the results will be determined by…


Is it better to be motivated or disciplined?  There is a big difference between the two.  Listen as Greg dives into the difference between motivation and discipline.


We have all been told a lie – we often believe that our choices are the easy or the hard path.  The truth is our decisions typically involve a hard choice and another hard choice.  The good news is we get to choose that hard.  Listen to find out more.


Kick off your shoes because we made it! Who would have thought at the beginning of the year we would have but here we are. Join Greg and Jenny as the reflect on one the most unique and challenging school years we will most likely ever face.


Doing something once wont do much for you as you work toward your goal, however, doing it again and again over time will. Join Greg has he discusses an equation for meeting your goals.


As you work toward your goals you will begin to realize there are aspects and things in your life that no longer fit the new you. What do you do with these things? Simple…BURN THE SHIPS!



Stephen Hurley
Chief Catalyst, voicEd Radio Canada

Stephen Hurley has spent nearly 40 years as an educator. He has experience as a classroom teacher, a curriculum consultant, a teacher educator and a policy observer.

He has a strong relationship with the EdCan Network (formerly the Canadian Education Association), an organization that inspired the launch and evolution of voicEd Radio Canada.

Hurley believes that stronger connections between education research, practice and policy are essential to the type of change that will be necessary in Canada's public education systems moving forward.