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Another meandering and entertaining conversation with Doug McDowall on moose sightings, German Octoberfests and the best in autumn apples.

Education leader and aspiring standup comedian, Derek Rhodenizer, joins me for his daily coffee and conversation on voicEd Radio.

Phil Jarvis identifies himself as an Education Reimagineer—a very compelling idea! We explore what that sense of reimagination has meant in his career and what it could mean in the lives of our young people.

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Peter Biro joins the Hurley in the Morning conversation with his take on many things including a possible distinction between civics and politics, living into our human potential and the need for more attention to citizenship education.

Dr. Lisa Lucas (Practicing Presence) joins me to continue today’s exploration on serendipity and, in particular, how we might become more open to the “accidental” in our own lives. Also, how can we create environments that allow us more space for…

Cameron Jones asks some very powerful questions about seeing. That’s all we’re going to say. Have a listen and let us know your thoughts.

Doug McDowall drops by the voicEd Radio studios for his weekly look at the world of education, and things surrounding. Today we talk about hand sanitization duty, memories of the CFL and growing up as a junior crossing guard.

Jeremy Giesbrecht drops by for a Friday morning visit to share his knowledge of and love for music. Today we begin a journey into the world of Jazz, beginning with a piece through which many of us were introduced into the genre!

Chey Cheyney is a great teacher and a huge baseball fan. We talk a little of both this morning as we catch Chey driving to school and talking (hands free) to me on Hurley in the Morning

Derek Rhodenizer has been planning his first staff PD day for weeks now and, today, things happen for real. Listen in to this pre-PD chat with Derek and Stephen

A tri-national conversation with Carol Salva from Texas and Steve Hall from the UK. We begin by talking about engaging EL learners in imaginative writing and shift to the broader topic of re-imagining an education system in this time in our history….

Heather MacTaggart has a dream that schools could become places where students could find the space, and the permission, to become “free learners”. Find out about what she means by this as she joins us on Hurley in the Morning.

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Robert Martellacci (@mindsharelearn) joins us to talk about his upcoming EdTech Summit and the announcement of his School of the Future Challenge.

Today on Hurley in the Morning, we explored “imagination” and how we may be living in a time when more imaginative power is both possible and necessary. Eleven year-old Liam explores ways that Dad could become more imaginative.

Derek Rhodenizer joins Hurley in the Morning to talk about the challenges of establishing a sense of rhythm with his school staff. Also, Derek reflects on his passion for fun and rather unique PD day activities.

Dr. Lisa Lucas joins Hurley in the Morning to talk about intentionally moving yourself and your staff into a sense of positive rhythm.

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Anne Marie Scott Deputy Provost at Athabasca U and Terry Greene eLearning Designer with Trent Online. They embarked on a collaborative writing project that has its roots in Terry’s discovery of “Check the Technique: Liner Notes for Hip-Hop Junkies”….

For the past decade, Robert Martellacci has dedicated his time and energy to supporting the virtual and physical spaces where technology and education meet. He drops by for his weekly chat about edtech and, today talks about his 11th Annual EdTech…

Quasi-retired Ontario educator, Doug McDowall joins me for our regular (!) Friday morning look at the world . Doug’s unique sense of humour and wit will have you running for that second cup of coffee.

Introducing Jeremy Giesbrecht, a thoughtful and knowledgable musician and friend. Jeremy will be dropping by on Friday mornings to lead us through an exploration of the world of Jazz. Today, we talk about how Supertramp proved to be a gateway for…

Irvin Studin in the President of the Institute for 21st Century Questions and the Publisher/Editor-in-Chief at Global Brief Magazine. He joins us today to talk about an upcoming virtual conference later this month: “After the Pandemic – The State &…

Rick Kelly is a practitioner in the area of Restorative Practice. He joined me this morning to talk about improv and how he uses the rule of “Yes…and” in his work.

Originally recorded at this year’s Ontario Library Association SuperConference in Toronto, Ontario, it’s a conversation with Phyllis Webstad on the origins and significance of Orange Shirt Day.

Thirteen year-old has a dream of taking to skies as a commercial pilot. In two weeks, he begins flight school and hopes to take his first solo flight when he fourteen. Here’s my conversation with Luke Hurley

If you tuned in to the very first live broadcast that we did on voicEd Radio in February 2017, you would have heard the voice of Mimi O’Bonsawin. Mimi is still going strong and joined me this morning for a conversation about her music, the work that…

A poignant look at the power of being “at home” during this time of pandemic. From cooking to gardening to a renewed sense of making and artisanship, Cameron Jones reflects on what home has, can and, perhaps, should mean for us.

Eleven year-old Liam joins the Hurley in the Morning crew to share his view of the world. Today, it’s Liam’s take on what makes for a good friend.

Ontario-based educator (retired-sort-of) Doug McDowell drops by for some Friday morning fun. Join us weekly at 7:15 AM for Doug’s World on Hurley in The Morning

Dr. Charles Pascal is Professor of Human Development of Applied Psychology at OISE/UT in Toronto. A frequent contributor to voicEd Radio, Dr. Pascal joins us this morning to talk about the recent federal Throne Speech and, in particular, the…

Carol Salva and Michelle Yzquierdo are passionate EL educators based in the state of Texas. They join me today to talk about the importance of getting a student’s name right, how names connect with identity and culture.

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