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Charles Pascal drops by this morning with two examples of when leadership meant speaking truth to power—courageously and with a certain amount of risk involved.

Check out the blog entry about today’s conversation at

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The Liberated Learner is a wonderful resource, co-designed by and for students as they work their way through their formal learning journey. The challenge for Terry these days is how to get the word out. We talk about some options in this Hurley in…

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Dr. Nancy Olivieri is Professor, Pediatrics, Medicine and Public Health Sciences at the University of Toronto.

Dr. Marc Spooner is Professor in Educational Psychology at the University of Regina.

In this conversation, Dr. Olivieri’s uses her…

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Lynn McLaughlin and Amber Raymond have created a series of books designed to help parents/guardians teach children how to cope with worry and anxiety in a practical, enjoyable way.

The Power of Thought is an “out-of-this-world” series of stories…

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Today on Leading from the Inside Out, Charles Pascal pays tribute to the important leadership of school principals and the fact that the real leadership that they exhibit comes, not from position, but from their ability to nurture relationships among…

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Terry Greene drops in for his weekly chat about EdTech and Instructional Design. Today, we begin a conversation about the Metaphors of EdTech, in anticipation Martin Weller’s new book by the same name.

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Lisa Lucas joins us to speak about signs of spring, learning to ride a bike and the experience of having difficulty conversations with her adult students. How can facing those conversations with courage help to build classroom community?

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Heather Placken is the founder of “Be Happy Be Bright Be You”, a new consultancy designed to give young people the tools and perspectives they need to, among other things, live beyond the myths of “More” and “I’ll Be Happy When”.

You can find…

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Ilene Winokur picks up on some of the conversations we’ve been having here this week about Adverse Childhood Experiences (Hunter and Maunder), Adverse Community Experiences and shame (Kelly) to reflect on the need for schools and classrooms to be…

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Today in our ongoing series of conversations on privatization in the public school space, Sue Winton wonders about private businesses that offer public school credits. Issues of equity, access and the long-term effects on public education are explored.

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Stephen Hurley
Chief Catalyst, voicEd Radio Canada

Stephen Hurley has spent nearly 40 years as an educator. He has experience as a classroom teacher, a curriculum consultant, a teacher educator and a policy observer.

He has a strong relationship with the EdCan Network (formerly the Canadian Education Association), an organization that inspired the launch and evolution of voicEd Radio Canada.

Hurley believes that stronger connections between education research, practice and policy are essential to the type of change that will be necessary in Canada's public education systems moving forward.