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A podcast about elementary school music in Canada. Learn with me and my students while we explore music, technology, out-of-the-box thinking and fun!


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It’s been a while – but I’m back – for one episode – and then another break. This hasn’t been the best winter – but, as they say, when you hit “rock bottom” you’ve got nowhere to go but UP!

Join us Saturday February 2nd, 2019 at to hear GavSession LIVE (7:30-8:00pm) and a new program – VoicEd Radio Coffee House LIVE from 1-2pm

This Episode is missing a lot of content as we have had THREE SNOW DAYS in a row – I haven’t seen my students all week…. but I DO share some really cool news!

A home run swing today! I asked the kids to give me some “story starters” and I think we’re ready to start creating some powerful poetry!
Also – Find out what my grade 2s are saying that’s BLOWING MY MIND COMPLETELY!

Welcome to the first episode of 2019. I’m now talking about my classes on the actual week that they occurred! (Yay)Today we talk Google Forms, Simon & Garfunkel and songs that tell stories!

In this episode (sorry it’s been a while) I talk more about Bandlab and about how my choir is takin’ the world (or at least our town) by storm

This week we talk about Bandlab, listening reflections, success with technology and – of course – The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald!

In this episode I explore and I had some technology fails – but let’s see what happened and maybe we can learn from it.

This week I tried something that DIDN’T work. It blew up in my face!
Don’t they say that the best learning takes place after failure??? Man, I hope so!

The Meat & Potatoes Episode. Today we’ll talk about where I hope to go with this podcast and the format I’d like to see.