Essential Conversations in Literacy
Conversations with Regie Routman
A special voicEd Radio series exploring Regie Routman's newest book," Literacy Essentials: Engagement, Excellence and Equity for All Learners", Join author Regie Routman and Allison Tucker, K-12 Program Program Specialist with the Nfld/Labrador English School District, as they take us on a journey of exploration into the essentials that ground great literacy practice.


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In our final Essential Conversations episode, Regie Routman and Allison Tucker join Stephen Hurley for a deep dive into the different dimensions and dispositions connected with equity. It’s a conversation that goes well beyond the Literacy framework…

In tonight’s conversation, Regie Routman, Allison Tucker, Darlene Tilley and Stephen Hurley talk about the importance of nurturing a deep connection between reading and writing in the classroom. Regie’s reminder that we teach readers and writers and…

In this episode, Regie Routman, Allison Tucker, Wendy Marsh and Stephen Hurley explore how we can create cultures of excellence in our schools through developing trust, developing a set of shared beliefs and becoming intentionally open about our practice.

In our first episode, Regie Routman and Allison Tucker help us unpack the importance of school and classroom culture and how the essential element of engagement is reflected, supported and, in fact, created through that culture.