Essential Assessment
with Tom Schimmer
Tom Schimmer is an author and a speaker with expertise in assessment, grading, leadership, and behavioral support. In this series of conversations, we're taken on a journey through a foundational book, "Essential Assessment: Six Tenets for Bringing Hope, Efficacy, and Achievement to the Classroom" by Nicole M. Dimich, Cassandra Erkens and Tom Schimmer.


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We need students to be “invested” in their learning lives. This goes beyond engagement, joy or excitement. In this episode, Tom Schimmer takes us into the six tenet of essential assessment: Student Investment, and offers us a powerful framework…

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Assessment is not just about designing the tools and collecting the evidence. What do we do with that evidence what we have it and how do we ensure that our interpretations are accurate and useful to us, as educators, our students and our parents?

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Today, Tom Schimmer helps us understand assessment design in a larger architectural metaphor. Where do our assessment, evaluation and grading practices fit into this picture and how can we use an architectural frame to get better at all of this?

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Part two of a conversation with Assessment and Evaluation expert, Tom Schimmer about effective communication of formative and summative assessment information. This morning, we dig deep into what makes for powerful communication of grading data and…

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Some powerful insights from Tom Schimmer as we explore some different ways of looking at communicating the results of assessment and grading. A new vision for creating powerful feedback loops in your classroom——ones that encourage learning, hope and…

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BC-based educator and assessment expert, Tom Schimmer returns to voicEd Radio to dig in to Essential Assessment: Six Tenets for bringing Hope, Efficacy and Achievement to the Classroom. It’s a book that Tom has co-authored along with Nicole Vagle and…

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We had the pleasure of welcoming educator and assessment expert, Tom Schimmer, to Hurley in the Morning. This morning, our conversation focused on assessment principles that could still hod up during a pandemic, the importance of task neutral rubrics…

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An introduction to the work of Tom Schimmer, his take on assessment and evaluation and how to recognize a culture of assessment in our schools.

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Stephen Hurley
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Stephen Hurley has spent nearly 40 years as an educator. He has experience as a classroom teacher, a curriculum consultant, a teacher educator and a policy observer.

He has a strong relationship with the EdCan Network (formerly the Canadian Education Association), an organization that inspired the launch and evolution of voicEd Radio Canada.

Hurley believes that stronger connections between education research, practice and policy are essential to the type of change that will be necessary in Canada's public education systems moving forward.