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A very special gathering of Future-We community pay tribute to the life of Edunaut, Leanne Hanson. Joining Jonathan Nalder is Rhys Cassidy, Monica Cardozo, Ramona Meharg, Lisa Corbett and Stephen Hurley.

Edunaut Leanne Hanson is joined by Lisa Corbett, Derek Rhodenizer and Stephen Hurley to explore the meaning of stories in our lives. What is a story? What makes a story…well…a story and what is the difference between a story and a narrative?

Leanne Hanson is joined by Ramona Meharg and Lisa Corbett to talk about the enduring nature of poetry and ways to update it for the 21st century classroom

Edunauts Leanne, Stephen and Jonathan were joined by ex-principal now leadership and futures expert Nick, who shared how elements from the FutureWe framework like a futures-perspective and believing we have agency to change the future can make all the…

Today on Edunauts the team recapped Empathy and why it’s being recognized as so key for education – but also made time to chat with teacher Kustave Heino about the free “Empatico” program. Kustave has taught in 5 countries, and was able to explain how…

Edunauts Leanne, Liz and Jonathan chatted the current discussion challenge, what terms best help us talk about the future skills and literacies we know education needs to get better at addressing, and how balance and diversity will be key.

Was a great privilege to have FutureWe advisor and long-time proponent of thinking skills and positivity in Education join us for the 4th Edunauts show of 2019. He shared some key predictions and ways of thinking about the future that everyone in this…

The Second Edunauts of 2019 saw Samantha Adams Becker join us to share about this ongoing project that maps to nearly all the Future Readiness Framework’s literacies as it works to bridge today and tomorrow with educators around the…

Edunauts launches in 2019 with an exclusive chat to NASA co-lead for Mars Human Landing Sites Rick Davis! This interview explores how his career has covered the future ready literacies, as well as how the challenge of Mars is the perfect one to…

Principal Stuart Maish helps us round out the year with the reminder to focus on curiosity and letting learners be problem solvers.

In this episode, the Future-We team is back with Nikolas Simat as they talk about recognising interdependence and transformative learning via a process of knowledge, understanding and insight, and then wisdom.

In this show we got to hear from Hamish Curry, Executive Director on his journey to empowering students with Design Thinking, and how powerful seeing Education as 12 years of experimenting can be!

This week, Jonathan and Leanne speak with futurist Willow Pryor.
Hear how Willow came to learn it’s all connected and how Futures and Foresight thinking from the TP (thinking and planning) literacy help us all navigate signals of change & plan our…

Leanne Hanson and Stephen Hurley talk with personalised project proponent Noa Daniel to find out how to plan for projects, academic rigour and an inclusive approach to curriculum.

Jonathan and Leanne connect with Agile Approach expert and original FutureWe advisor and supporter Michael Derwin, whose expertise covers Education and Business in ways that we can all learn from as part of the team’s ongoing un-packing of the…

Dr Larry Johnson shares the story of how NMC leveraged the 5 future literacies to grow a global education community that continues to this day. Host Jonathan Nalder and Edunauts regular, Paul Signorelli, join in this compelling conversation.

In this episode, we talk to The Planning Period’s Brad Shreffler about planning for new classes, fake news and spotting the silences.

The Edunauts learn about astronaut training via the app Space Nation, the importance of a great teacher and the sci-fi gateway to success. Special guest is 17 year-old Ishita Thakur (@Astro_Isha). Also, check out the Space Nation App at @SpaceNation

In this episode, Jonathan Nalder (@jnxyz) , NIck Burnett (@nick_burnett), Leanne Hanson (@LeanneHanson and Amanda Rablin (@ackygirl) dive into the issues surrounding online safety and civility through the lens of cyberbullying.

Leanne and Jonathan are joined by Elizabeth Heck and Paul Signorelli to talk about the integration of tech into physical communities and the importance of civil discourse.

Our show today covers entrepreneurship, how tech can connect us to the digital ‘teacher down the hall’, and set us up for our next major online discussion that starts soon –

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In this episode, Jonathan Nalder (@jnxyz) is joined by Leanne Hanson (@LeanneHanson), Paul Signorelli (@paulsignorelli), Rhys Cassidy (@rhyscass) and Stephen Hurley (@stephen_hurley) to further explore the role of community in the future literacies…

Leanne Hanson takes the lead on this evening’s conversation with Paul Signorelli and Nick Burnett. It’s a vibrant discussion dealing with about community, conspiracy, lifelong learning and saying yes!

Leanne Hanson (@LeanneHanson) leads Jonathan Nalder (@jnxyz) and Nick Burnett (@nick_burnett ) about how talking about “growth mindset” can lead to thinking about “benefit mindset”.

Scott Millar is the 17 year-old founder of BOP industries, a start-up that takes the term “ed-tech” seriously. You don’t have to wait 10 years to hear about the vision of this young, articulate voice of the future. It’s resonating right now!


Jonathan Nalder (@jnxyz) and Leanne Hanson (@leannehanson) are joined by Stephen Hurley (@stephen_hurley) to further explore the importance of the community in our future lives. Today, the trio reflect on stories and learnings around how community…

Jonathan Nalder (@jnxyz), Leanne Hanson (@leannehanson) and Stephen Hurley (@stephen_hurley) gather to discuss an interesting and important “Journey to Mars” simulation taking place in Hawaii.

In this week’s episode, Jonathan Nalder and Leanne Hansen join Stephen Hurley in a conversation about the First on Mars Program. How does a new community on Mars begin to thrive?

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In this episode, Jonathan Nalder (@jnxyz) and Leanne Hanson (@LeanneHanson) are, once again, joined by Paul Signorelli (@PaulSignorelli) to discuss their connections through the New Media Consortium.

Rhys Cassidy of the FutureWe launch team joins the show to share his story and unpack the Future Literacies with Leanne and Stephen.

In this episode, the Edunauts make the transition from talking about creativity to community. Helping them on the journey is Capuchin Franciscan Friar, David Alan Hirt.

In this episode, Jonathan Nalder (@jnxyz) and Leanne Hanson (@LeanneHanson) are joined by Paul Signorelli (@PaulSignorelli), a man who defies description. The conversation focuses on community, creativity, story and the future literacies.

In this episode, Leanne Hanson (@LeanneHanson) and Stephen Hurley (@stephen_hurley) are joined by 17 year old Eli to discuss the potential for creative options to formal schooling

In this final episode of 2017, Jonathan Nalder (@jnxyz), Leanne Hanson (@LeanneHanson) and Stephen Hurley (@stephen_hurley) look back on the past year through the eyes of community and community-building.

In this week’s episode, Jonathan Nalder and Leanne Hanson welcome Australian distance educator, Bruce Lee. The topic: Community as a Future Literacy.

In Episode 3 of the Edunauts, Jonathan Nalder, Leanne Hanson and Stephen Hurley discuss the different faces of creativity in the classroom.

Jonathan Nalder, Leanne Hanson, Stephen Hurley and members of the Future-U mission team work live to discern a social contract for the team. Guest expert, Jenny Filipetti (@jennyfilipetti) is in the house for today’s broadcast to discuss radical…

Lead Teacher Monica Smedbäck joins us from Sweden to share how she is implementing the Future Literacies framework with her students so they can begin to future-proof themselves.