Imagining what education could be
What will the world look like in 20 years? How will we prepare young people to thrive in this uncertain future? What is the purpose of education? Answering these questions is daunting. I am in awe of anyone willing to try. On the podcast, I have the privilege of learning from inspirational teachers, leaders, innovators & activists who are passionate about what education could be. Together, we can crush it.


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When we are responsible for the learning and growth of others, we know that feedback is our greatest ally. However, feedback must land with the person receiving it if it is going to motivate them to take the next steps. In this solo episode, I share…

Assessment has the potential to either amplify or inhibit learning. On the episode, we dig into how to assess to cultivate deeper learning and develop the competencies students will need for the 21st century.

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Conflict is inevitable in education, but luckily it is also an opportunity to build more meaningful connections with those work with. Learn practical strategies from a Human Resources specialist that allow you to seek to understand when things get…

What does it mean to connect with someone? Learn from a psychologist how our connections regulate our emotions, and the policies and biases that drive disconnection in our schools and society.

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Circle meetings are a protocol that provides a safe space for students to practice their social skills and tackle topics that matter most to them. Learn how to facilitate them to build a culture of belonging in your classroom.

How we experience learning in our own life has a huge impact on the experiences we create for our students. Find out how a Metis-Cree assistant professor created a philosophy of learning after surviving addiction, homelessness, and reclaiming his…

COVID-19 has raised many questions about the purpose of education throughout North America and elicited very different answers from educators, parents and politicians. To better understand this current debate, we look at the reasons we’ve educated our…

Now is the time to lean into the discomfort of talking about race. On this episode, we acknowledge our identities as a Black American and a white Canadian and discuss what it means to be anti-racist, and the #SmallGreatThings we can do as educators.

Welcome to #EduCrush! In honor of something new, we are going to discuss how to adopt a beginner’s mindset by getting curious, knowing where to look, and giving ourselves the permission to explore new routes.

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