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Three teachers on their journey to mindfulness, 21st century learning, fitness, lifestyles, and so much more


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Ms Taryn Kovic (@mskovic) joins us to discuss her journey through fitness, teaching, and her career in body building. We go over fitness concerns and how to get started on a new life style.

In this episode we have a look at Flexible seating! We take into account various budgets, pro and cons, and how to get started. Instagram: @eatfitnessteach2020

OK, EFTers, we are diving into starting a fitness club at your business and the importance of it. In this episode we talk about:

-accountability and so much more

In this first episode of the series, the Eat Fitness Teach team talks about setting up your classroom. Topics of conversation include:

oWord wall
oCulture board
oStudent work
oMath wall
oImportant teach documents (by your desk)…