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Digital Human Library creates opportunities for K-12 teachers and students to learn with the world through social innovation projects, interactive 1:1 video conferences, engaging live streamed educational programs, and the largest collection of educational virtual tours and virtual reality of the web. dHLOnAir is a new podcast featuring some of our talented Experts who will be sharing stories about their own educational experiences and what it's like to work in their chosen fields, followed by a unique and engaging sample program OnAir for teachers and students. Join us each month and get to know the Experts at Digital Human Library!


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Since 2010, The Starfish Canada has been inspiring young Canadians to take leadership roles in their communities and to celebrate their peers contributing in the environmentalism movement. Learn more about the organization from it’s Founder Kyle…

Mark MacAllister is a Conservation Officer with the North Carolina Zoo Society and a featured member of the Digital Human Library.

dHLOnAir’s Madison Prinzen caught up with Mark to talk about this very interesting work.

Margaret Boersma, OCT, is a creative educational consultant, coach, teaching artist, curriculum writer, thought leader and speaker…

InkSmith’s mission is to help educators across Canada build hands-on, experiential learning opportunities to introduce their students to STEAM competencies and design thinking principles. Learn more about how InkSmith prepares youth to become the…