Circulasticity with Ron Canuel
The Ins and Outs of Education Change
Ron Canuel has over 4 decades of experience in Canada's education systems. He's been a teacher, a school administrator and the Director General of Quebec's Eastern Township School Board. Most recently, Ron served as CEO of the Canadian Education Association (EdCan Network) In each of those roles, Ron has demonstrated a passion and commitment for change but he admits that, generally speaking, there we lack the sense of urgency necessary to bring about the type of change that we have in mind. In this series of conversations, we dig into the reasons why our education systems are seemingly so immune to change. Using the metaphorical teaser, Circulasticity, Ron brings new meaning to the phrase, "plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose"


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Do the many points of graduation during a student’s life underscore the idea that the goal of education is to “get out’? How can leverage the knowledge and insights of drop-outs to improve our school systems? What is the role of courage in the…

In this series opener, Ron Canuel and Stephen Hurley explore how a shift in the metaphors that we use when talking about education change can make such an impact on what actually happens (or doesn’t). We hear more about the idea of Cirulasticity, but…