Check the O.L.
Liner Notes from Groundbreaking Online Learning
Online learning has more in common with hip hop than you may think. It’s younger, more technological, cutting edge and sometimes groundbreaking. It is constantly remixing, reusing and otherwise building on what’s come before. Join Terry Greene and Anne-Marie Scott in this podcast series as they get the stories behind how some of the most groundbreaking online learning of all time came to be. Inspired by and modeled after the book "Check The Technique: Liner Notes for Hip Hop Junkies".


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Since 2017, Mia Zamora and Alan Levine have taken their Networked Narratives (#netnarr) students at Kean University (and anyone else who wants to join in) on an adventure to become digital alchemists. While this learning experience was part face to…

Antigonish 2.0 is the digital learning “sequel” to the original movement of 1920s and 30s Nova Scotia. While the first focused on adult education, microfinance, and community building, Antigonish 2.0 aimed to bring media and information literacy to…

Laura Gibbs, (@OnlineCrsLady), has spent the last 22 years crafting her online teaching practices. Her two courses, Myth-Folklore and Indian Epics, are really one, finely-honed course system. The way the subject matter is woven together with the way…

In this inaugural episode, Terry Greene and Anne-Marie Scott get together to chat about their plans to podcast their way in to a book called Check The O.L.: Liner Notes from Groundbreaking Online Learning.