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Carol Salva and her guests explore ways to empower language learners and the teachers who teach them. We're not just closing gaps, we're growing leaders.


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The Newcomer Academy in Jefferson County Public Schools has been serving new arrival high school students for 15 years. Principal Gwen Snow (@GwenCSnow) and Assistant Principal, Dr. Irina McGrath (@Irina_McGrath) share some very important actions…

In this show, Carol (@MsSalvaC) and Stephen (@Stephen_Hurley) reflect on the labels we use to describe language learners. In the conversation includes a discussion on multiple perspectives and hope but also offers some practical advice on creating an…

Viana Armstrong (@armstrongvi) joins Carol (@MsSalvaC) to talk about a successful family engagement experience. Viana talks about how a virtual concert had a positive impact on the families of multilingual learners in her rural Texas district. She…

Author and award-winning journalist, Jo Napolitano (@Jo_Napolitano) joins Carol (@MsSalvaC) to talk about her new book, “The School I Deserve, Six Young Refugees and
Their Fight for Equality in America.” The show includes an excerpt read aloud by…

Natalia Heckman (@NataliaESL) joins Carol (@MsSalvaC) to offer us tips on engaging ELs with writing. A student may not be excited about constructing and deconstructing sentences, but we can certainly engage them enough to do just that. Natalia shows…

Dr. Katie Toppel (@Toppel_EDL) shares her tips, techniques, and mindset for successfully supporting Kinder and 1st grade diverse students. Tan Huynh (@TanKHuynh) and Carol Salva (@MsSalvaC) interview their co-author, Dr. Toppel, about what’s working…

Instructional coach, Sara Sparks (@SaraSparks21) joins Carol (@MsSalvaC) and Stephen Hurley (@Stephen_Hurley) for a LIVE show about supporting unengaged or failing students. Sara has practical tips for connecting with families and engaging students…

Carol reflects on her week in the Texas Blizzard. She describes what it was like for her family and friends and how the experience helps her reflect on the mindset we need to support our students right now.

Natalia Heckman joins Carol to explain the need for syntax instruction with ELs and how it does not need to be boring! Natalia is an educational consultant in high demand because she offers engaging EL trainings. She also has a proven track record…

Description: Carol explains her favorite January activities to support immigrant youth. She includes many resources for educators that want to work with compelling text and support ELs to listen, speak, read and write daily. The show explains how to…

Carol’s guest is Michigan Educator Jen Steffens (@JenJenniels) who shares about a breakthrough with some of her Newcomer students. Jen and Carol reflect on the incredible payoff that is possible, even during a pandemic, when we exercise persistence,…

You may have some great websites for your English Learners but what if they move? Do they still have access to them? Are they high interest for older learners? This show offers a top tip. Carol explains how to use NewsInLevels and how it can help…

Valentina Gonzalez (@ValentinaESL ) and Dr. Melinda Miller (@DrMelindaMiller ) join Carol to offer a sneak peek at their new book for K-5 educators. They share tips, insight and advice for working with ELs in a Balanced Literacy Framework. They also…

Michelle Shory (@Michelleshory) and Drew Courtney (@mrcourtney_esl) join Carol Salva (@MsSalvac) to talk about teaching ELs online when you’ve never met them, they have jobs, they don’t have chromebooks, and they are at risk of aging out. Their…

Michelle joins Carol to reflect on a recent risk she took presenting PD live over YouTube. The show offers several examples of educators taking risks and the benefits that follow even if there is a tech fail.

Many parts of the world are going back to school. It will be a challenge regardless of how your school is going back. Carol offers ideas for starting the school year whether your ELL class is online or in person.

Carol shares information about the 4th annual VirtuEL conference. She explains why this free, online conference is important for educators during the pandemic and beyond.

Authors of new content resources join Carol to offer insight about their books, to share free resources and for an inspiring conversation about how to serve students in our changing reality.

Carol and Dorina take live calls and, along with several callers, they discuss their roles, responsibilities and potential to make a difference in the fight for racial equality.

Carol offers highlights from all the various webinars she has given during the pandemic. They have the language learner in mind but the principles can propel the learning of on or above level students as well.

Stress in inevitable, how you manage it is up to you. Dorina Sackman Ebuwa and April Williams join Carol and her call in guests to discuss ways to manage the stress so many of us are feeling right now

Carol is joined by Dr. Stephen Fleenor and Tina Beene, co-authors of Teaching Science to English Learners. They discuss teaching content to ELs, their book and the free content available from the authors.

If you wonder what happened to the rest of Ep 72, so are we! Here is he rest of that LIVE show where @Dorina_Believe and @MsSalvaC are addressing issues of mental health and emotional intelligence.

Dorina Ebuwa, joins Carol for another call in show. They address mental health, lack of engagement from students and how to help ELs when you can’t be with them.

Dorina Ebuwa, aka Miss Dorito, joins Carol to take live call in questions about how to meet the challenges facing teachers right now. They are joined by listeners who have great perspective to add!

Digital coach Brad Shreffler joins Carol o discuss some of the potential effects COVI19 may have on the education of English Learners and also just to catch up.

What mindset do we need to weather the current pandemic? We need to persevere and Carol’s background offers perspective on how we can move forward in a productive way.

Jordan has a unique background that helped him identify a literacy issue with one of his under-educated English learners. We can learn so much from his explanation of the issue and how they are resolving it.

An episode packed with learning opportunities! Carol shares information about her webinar on SLIFE, recent breakout sessions on newcomers, her P3 with @NoasBOBs and why we should all join NAELPA.

Don’t have enough class time? Restricted by curriculum blocks or grading timelines? Then you need to know about Carol’s guest, Noa Daniel, and her innovative approach to instruction. You need to be building outside the blocks!

@Alycia_Owen an educator in Guangzhou, China, is Carol’s guest for this VoicEd anniversary show. They discuss teaching English abroad and Alycia offers insight from the educator and the parent point of view.

Carol, Derek and Stephen talk about some foundations of 2nd Language Acquisition because a teacher in Derek’s school got a newcomer mid year. Carol ties those practices to good instruction for all learners and offers many techniques that we can start…

Carol is joined by Tan Huynh (@TanELLclassroom), Valentina Gonzalez (@ValentinaESL), & Dr. Katie Toppel (@Toppel_ELD) to discuss what to keep in mind for equitable grading and assessment of ELs.

With precious little time to reflect, we must make every minute count. Carol offers resources for the EL educator and also offers considerations for how we spend our off time.

Emergent Readers can gain literacy and language quickly once they understand how. Carol walks us through her process for partnering with Emergent Readers.

We may have literacy strategies, but we didn’t all get training in how to teach a person to read when they don’t know how to decipher the text. What should we focus on? Phonetics? Something else? Carol offers an explanation and some hacks for the…

Tonya Ward Singer returns to the podcast to chat with Carol about what teachers and administrators need to know when working with ELs. Listeners get a peek into their planning conversation for their upcoming ELevate Conference keynotes.

Carol talks with Lori Patten about how to differentiate in secondary for a wide range of ability levels.

Carol recaps specific moves to start the school year and adds a heavy emphasis on how to support new arrival students in a challenging, often negative, political climate.

Derek Rhodenizer returns! This episode offers many insights into personalized PD opportunities and Derek shares how he created, modeled and ran a personalized PD system for this staff.

Carol celebrates students with interruptions in education who are graduating and passing state assessments. She is joined by two students who help explain some of the support they get and give through One World Club.

Carol offers advice and concrete suggestions for supporting our students who may not meet end of year requirements. All of this with a healthy dose of inspiration!

ESL Leaders talk about Comprehensible Input and Strategies in an ELLchat_BkClub discussion. Allyson Newton leads the group in breaking down these two components of the SIOP Model and answering questions from our twitter PLN.

Carol answers questions from ESL and content teachers who are working through a book study of Boosting Achievement. The questions are about working with students with limited education.

Carol offers reflections from NABE2019 along with two different professional development sessions you can use for yourself or with your teachers.

Karina Chap (@BilingualPride) and Carol (@MsSalvaC) give you a powerful opportunity to help English learners and their families. They talk about what is really happening in her Texas border town and how we can support migrant families who are in…

Carol talks with @JudieHaynes and @KarenNemethEdM about their very popular #ELLchat. They discuss it as a hashtag, a twitter chat and also as the backbone of the EL PLN all week long.

We all need to step up if want things to improve for ELs. Hear from Carol, Derek Rhodenizer & Jennifer Hunter Dillon (@italkliteracy) on why you should be a part of #MADPD.

Carol explains a unit of study that takes students from examining historical events to taking action and showing kindness. This episode offers a step by step for the first lesson, ideas for taking the thinking to higher levels and links to many…

If you need to start over, this show is for you. Carol breaks down her 5 most practical ideas to get an ESL classroom back on track. Any teacher will benefit from this show as most of the tips work for all students. Get ready for a reboot!

Stephen Hurley, Ramona Mahberg and Jen Cort join Carol to lift up Paul McGuire as a thought leader and champion of underprivileged youth. The group discusses gratitude and offers many take aways for teachers of ELs.

Author and consultant Tonya Singer (@TonyaWardSinger) joins Carol (@MsSalvac) to talk about how we can support English Learners with excellence. Tonya has some innovative ideas about instruction and how we hold the bar high for ELs!

Tan Huyhn (@TanELLclassroom) & Deborah Brey (@ELL_Deb) join Carol to think through ways to deliver your own #VirtuEL style online conference. Resources & ideas are shared plus a special cameo by Derek Rhodenizer of #MADPD

Everyone can participate in the writing process. Carol reflects on how this might look for ELs in their content classes and also in grade level Language Arts.

Sara and Carol explore ideas to try when ELs don’t seem to be progressing. They also share ideas for teaching newcomers at grade level in the ELA secondary classroom.

Sarah can be found on Twitter: @SaraSparks21
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in this episode Carol and Kenzie Twitchell discuss more classroom activities that boost literacy and language development for ELs.

Some of your English Learners will not pass some assessments or classes needed for graduation. Talisa Harris (@tharris3esl) joins Carol to discuss the practices they both employ in their high schools to move these kiddos toward success.

Carol and Emily debrief their conversation with Newcomers and SIFE learners and discuss what teachers can be doing to shine a light on what is possible for them.

With help from Emily Francis, Carol discusses how she supports students who may not meet graduation requirements.

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Find Emily on Twitter: @emilyfranESL

Carol is joined by three of her students who reflect on what has helped them achieve success in a comprehensive high school. These are new arrivals who are graduating and reflecting on things like years of missed schooling, learning a new language in…

Carol reflects on how newcomer students should be able to participate at grade level while they begin to acquire the target language.

Monica Spillman (@MOSpillman) joins Carol and shares about her ESOL endorsement program and the professional development she is already giving.

This week Carol (@mssalvac) breaks down her steps to carrying out a unit of study that supports math, science, social studies, heritage and culture while being engaging for her students. Sound too good to be true? It’s not! Learn how you can do the…

What happens when you give your newcomers voice and authentic reasons to engage in English? Blanca Huertas joins Carol this week to celebrate her students’ growth!

Carol (@mssalvac) is joined by Emily Francis (@emilyfranESL) as they explore how ESL teachers might participate in this years #MADPD virtual PD sessions being organized by Peter Cameron (@cherandpete) and Derek Rhodenizer (@derekrhodenizer)

Nancy Motley joins Carol to describe her Talk Read Talk Write routine for delivering instruction and to answer questions about her book that is popular with teachers from every content area.

Dr. Katie Toppel joins Carol this week to discuss the book club she co-founded and to share high impact strategies for language learners.

Diana Delaney (@DelaneyELDiana ‏brings a positive outlook and offers great tips to help teachers keep their language learners on grade level.

Carol shares the audio of a student who accelerated his language acquisition. She reflects on how she uses the media and why it seems to have an effect on her students.

Christy Reynolds joins Carol to talk about the successes of her first year English learners. She shares what has been working in her class and across her middle school campus.

Carol offers two classroom practices that she considers critical for supporting English Learners. Learn how to implement them and why they are such game changers for any classroom.

Passionate educators from different countries, grade levels and positions talk about their biggest take-aways from Carol’s Boosting Achievement Book for supporting ELs.

Carol Salva and Emily Francis discuss ways they’ve inspired students to realize their potential despite having odds stacked against them.

Take a peek into an effective Newcomer Science classroom! Carol and Michele discuss strategies for teaching grade level standards to students who are just beginning to learn the language.

Do you want motivated students? The bad news is that you can’t motivate them. The GREAT news is that we know how to help them motivate themselves.

In this episode, Carol Salva (@mssalvac) speaks with Kelly Reider of the English Learner Portal. Find out more about Kelly’s work at

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In this episode, Carol is joined by Katie Toppel(@Toppel_ELD), Katie Gardner (@gardnerkb1), Jenny Vo (@JennyVo15) and our president, Karen Lewis (@KarenElizLewis). Carol is returning from #TxTESOL2017 and connects with her guests on their learning…

In this episode, Carol reflects on the reading class for Students with interrupted formal education (SIFE) experiences.

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On today’s show, Carol continues to explore her own ESL practice, and offers 4 messages for Language Learners.

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Tina has lived and worked in North Texas throughout her career as a classroom teacher, instructional specialist, and district program coordinator. She has overseen an elementary bilingual program that serves almost 10,000 students and now supports…

Tan Huynh knows firsthand what its like to be an English Language learner. He is a passionate voice in the ESL/ELL community and when you listen to this episode of Boosting Achievement you’ll learn why! Tan can be reached on Twitter at @TanELLclassroom

In this first episode of Boosting Achievement, Carol Salva talks about her passion for working with ESL learners and her desire to share her learning, as well as draw from the learning of others.