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The Everything Show – lasers, space exploration, mapping the human genome, classic cars, gardening and so much more. When Philip Preston, President of Polyscience and Dr. C (Marshall Carroll) got together, you guessed it – they had a lot to talk about!

Star student podcasters Brian and Simon discuss The Big Crunch. Cosmic !

Star student podcaster Jibin talks about interesting aspects of wd40: the myths and facts.

Star student podcasters Chayton and Henry talk about spiders ! It’s for the World-Wide-Web !

Star student podcasters M&B present the world’s longest (and best) safety song ! See the lyrics at

Star student podcaster Nikhil discusses holography.

Star student podcaster Yimin asks “Does blue light really damage your eyes? Let’s find out!”

Star student podcasters Harshil and Rutvish discuss health issues associated with aluminumm cookware.

Star student podcaster Cam describes Malignant Hyperthermia – a genetic disorder involving a hypermetabolic reaction of the skeletal muscles to certain anaesthesia and a paralytic.

Star student podcasters John and Ethan explore the mechanics of time. From the Big Bang Theory, to time dilation, there is more to this topic than meets the eye.