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A podcast for ESL teachers and administrators on all topics relating to the English as a Second Language field.


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Are you thinking the surge of unaccompanied minors will not affect your upcoming school year? Think again. Check out this new (albeit short) episode that reviews the news from that gets you and your school prepared for…

Hannah Benson explores the complications of grading beginner ESL students, both in the ESL classroom and in content classrooms. Colorin Colorado and Larry Ferlazzo’s blog add insight to this topic as well as helpful tips from #ELLchat.

Which grades in K-12 do you prefer teaching ESL? Hannah Benson reviews her experiences in all three teaching posts: elementary, middle and high school ESL and the differences between them.

This time Hannah Benson gives her exclusive Native Know-How lesson which includes important tips you don’t get from a book–such as how close do I stand when I talk? Should I bribe the police? And other such helpful tidbits.

Join in for a story time featuring stories from Hannah Benson’s ESL classroom where the cultural seclusion of countries abroad produces humor of a different variety than conversations from a classroom in the home country.

A new way for you to use your degree you never thought possible! Former public school teacher Cindy West explains how she discovered how to resurrect the sweetness of teaching.

Teachers said online engagement was the number one issue in ESL today. Hannah Benson interviews YouTuber Teacher Michael, an EFL teacher for tips on how to keep students engaged…as well as ourselves!

25 minutes of 2020 recap for December 25th! Hannah Benson discusses (unscripted) her favorite episodes from this year. It’s a look at lessons learned and an amazing year of stellar guests.

What do you do when parents want to take their children out of the ESL program? This time Hannah Benson talks with My Adventures in ESL blogger Millie Williams to talk about Opt Out options and procedure.

How can we break students who have been in ESL for over 6 years and can’t seem to get out? In this episode Hannah Benson explores the ESL limbo Long-Term ELLs with guest Susan Patterson.

With immigrant rights and current discussions about border control, ESL teachers should be the first people interested in certain aspects of education politics, right? However, this episode explores whether or not the political interests of the…

New immigrants are not always well-received into a community, even at the local education institution. This is an episode that explores what bias within ESL looks like: denied services, comments in the teacher’s lounge, peer-student interactions….

Hannah Benson explores the importance of teacher apparel as our field (and culture) becomes progressively more casual…and what that does to our global image as educators. Special guest Dr. Karen Swallow Prior.

Why should you teach reading for elementary ESL students when they are getting that instruction from their content teacher? Why/how should you spend time on advanced vocabulary for advanced ESL learners? Hannah Benson addresses these two vital parts…

Hannah Benson gives the first award to Speech Language Pathology, explaining the difference between our fields, when/how to refer an ESL student to them, and giving credit for their aid in ESL advocacy, consultation, and resources. Guests Lisa Silvey…

Hannah Benson explores the world of immigrant advocacy outside the realm of teaching in the classroom…or not teaching at all. Guests Dr. Sandra Hemphill (YouTube’s “The Language Lady”) and Laura Gardner.

Hannah Benson talks with Dr. Maria Devou of the Glossomatheia Langauge, Learning & Research Center in Athens, Greece about her recent article, “The Child and The Screen: What Now?” Dr. Devou gives helpful tips on how to tweak the goal of our lessons…

Hannah Benson reaches back in the files to hear again from previous guests about their educational background…and how much it actually prepared them for practical ESL teaching. Hannah outlines the “perfect” ESL certification program.

Originally a Facebook Live Event, this episode discusses the pandemic of COVID-19, how it has affected ESL education online and within the school systems, which population of ELLs we are most concerned about, and what will happen as a result of the…

Hannah Benson talks with Carol Salva about how to get students with gaps in their education reading and writing quickly. Orly Clapholz describes one school that created a system for their SIFE population–and discusses the need for a national…

Hannah Benson discusses her own reservations about providing ESL PD for content teachers. Guest speaker Valentina Gonzalez gives a great argument for differentiation within the content classroom. Jody Nolf and Kelly Leguizamon give practical…

Hannah Benson discusses scenarios in which traumatized students end up at our door with ESL teacher Kaitlin Rodrigues. Dr. Robyn Koslowitz talks about how to relate to these students and meet their need while not taking the role of a social worker.

Hannah Benson explores ESL parental engagement and how ESL teachers can relay our cultural expectations for their involvement at school. Also, learn how to get parents more engaged to slowly share the load for ESL student advocacy in the school.

This time we discuss teacher demoralization. First an interview with someone with the most stressful job on earth…then how our initial teacher education and how making choices in our career can determine if we’re out of the game after 5 years.

Why do I always have to explain what ESL stands for? In this episode we discuss why ESL professionals have such a bad rep and possible solutions of what we can do about it.

Hannah Benson discusses Day 1 in ESL 1: ice breakers, diagnostics, prepping the school, and experiencing the first day as a traveling teachers.

Ed Steinman, the lawyer who tried the Lau vs. Nichols case, is this month’s special guest. We discuss the legal obligations of reporting for ESL teachers as well as a brief outline of that important supreme court case.