Zsuzsanna Kisvardai @zsuzsannakisvar: How to Design Courses that Sell

On this episode, I Zoom in Zsuzsanna and we chat about designing courses as an edupreneur. In a nutshell, she is an online course creation wizard who can design not only curriculum but can mapout your student acquisition journey in a way that you learn a system on: 1. how to become an edupreneur, that is to monetize your expertise, your core offer; 2. how to build your online academy, meaning a well-structured series of courses; 3. that help your ideal students acquire the skills and techniques by which they become successful; 4. how to automate student journey in an engaging yet smart way; 5. how to exploit online course platforms to deliver enticing content. Connect with Zsuzsanna on Twitter: https://twitter.com/zsuzsannakisvar