Writing, Getting Published, and Sean Wyatt with Ernest Dempsey, part 2 – 197

By Steven Miletto

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This is the conclusion of my interview with Ernest Dempsey – the USA Today Bestselling author of the Sean Wyatt archaeological thriller series. In this episode, Ernie shares his thoughts about his characters, his secrets behind making his stories thrilling, and a little sneak peek into his most recent thriller – The Templar Curse.
In episode 196 we talked about his previous career as a high school counselor, working with kids, and what inspired him to become a writer. We also delved into the process of getting published and the obstacles that writers have to overcome.
Ernie is a creative writer who hooks his readers into thrilling adventures. He has an engaging writing style that will make you forget what time it is. You won’t want to put his books down until you find out just what happend to Sean and the other characters. 
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Lots to learn.
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Length – 50:20