Woke Wednesday S5 E4

By Traci Browder

Two-time teacher of the year and blogger, Traci Browder, takes us behind the curtains of her classroom giving us the secrets to disrupting the educational normalcy in this provocatively riveting podcast for educators. From new teachers to veterans to administrators, everyone walks away empowered, inspired, and ready to shatter ceilings to take students to new educational heights.

This is a special episode – a must-listen for every educator, every administrator.

If you’ve listened to the podcast at length, you know about three series: Monday Matters Rethinking SEL, Equity Talk Tuesday, & Woke Wednesday Rockin’ Remote Learning. Today’s episode focuses on elements of all three series.

Celebrating students is an essential element of every classroom and every school. Amplifying voices and honoring diversity should be woven into the fibers of every moment of every day.

You will be amazed at what happens in a classroom when we are intentional about mental health, equity, and diversity. Be sure to listen to the full episode, student voices are woven into this episode and the talent is absolutely mind-blowing.

Please share your thoughts by tagging @intelligogy or @TraciBrowder on Twitter. I’d be honored if you would consider sharing this episode with other educators and continuing the conversation….how are you celebrating student voices?