Woke. Wednesday S4 E3 Rockin’ Remote Learning #2

By Traci Browder

Two-time teacher of the year and blogger, Traci Browder, takes us behind the curtains of her classroom giving us the secrets to disrupting the educational normalcy in this provocatively riveting podcast for educators. From new teachers to veterans to administrators, everyone walks away empowered, inspired, and ready to shatter ceilings to take students to new educational heights.

Traci poses two powerful questions for us in the 2nd episode of the Rockin’ Remote Learning Series.

  1. When you’re teaching, do the kids see you 100% of the time?
  2. Because of your setup, are you teaching sitting down most of the time?

The best description for this episode would be to capture quotes from the episode itself.

“I felt so trapped, I felt like I couldn’t be me. I know if it was killing me what was it doing to my students? My ultimate goal was wanting to teach virtually just like I were teaching kids in my class. I wanted to teach in the center of my classroom, that’s my power zone. I don’t mean power as in owning power. That’s where I’m empowered to do my best teaching.”

Aren’t you excited to dive into this episode?

Traci gives us some immediate action steps in this episode and invites us to tag her on social media to keep the conversation going.

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