Why Travel and Experiential Programs are Critical in 2023 with Carpe Diem’s ED, Adam

In today’s episode, we had the wonderful opportunity to speak with Carpe Diem’s ED, Adam! Such a kindred spirit who shares his experience with travel and experiential programs.  Together, Michelle and Adam dive deep into the key skills that youth are missing whether that’s because of gaps created from the pandemic or the pressures of family and society. Exploring how experiential experiences play a valuable role in rebuilding these skills and putting your young person one step closer to finding their values, passions and interests.  Take a listen!  Topics Discussed

  • Learn more about Carpe Diem’s and Global Routes Programs
  • Benefits of Gap Years, Experiential Learning and Travel
  • The importance of self-exploration and finding your values, interests and passions. 

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Michelle Dittmer
President of the Canadian Gap Year Association (OCT)

Michelle is an educator and youth advocate that has taught grades 4 through College, developed International Service-Learning Programs, nurtured Educational Partnerships with school boards from coast to coast, and developed youth policy. Having a finger on the pulse of the needs of young learners, combining their need for experiential learning and developing reflective and values-aligned practices, she founded the Canadian Gap Year Association to raise the profile of gap year as a solution to mental health, lack of clarity, and the skill gap.