Why do you do what you do? – 154

By Steven Miletto

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Why do you do what you do?
Have you thought about it? If so or if not, how could you use those thoughts to keep you focused on what matters?
I recently read Simon Sinek’s book, Start With Why. Simon notes, “we say what we do, sometimes how we do it, but we rarely say why we do it.” (p.39)
Do we rarely say why, because we are not really sure?
By the way, this question is deeper than to make money and to pay bills.
I am asking you to rethink about why you wanted to teach.
Simon made me think about Why we teach. Why we work with kids. Why we focus on helping kids achieve their dreams.
How would you answer if you were asked why you work with kids?
Once you answer this question, post it near your work space and see if you can use the answer to help give you that extra boost to get through those rough days.
Check out Simon Sinek’s web site Start with Why